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12/13/2019 Get really good people on board 12/11/2019 How to get ready for negotiating with investors? 12/9/2019 Achieve high growth with limited assets! 12/6/2019 Do you know the biggest product killer? 11/8/2019 Lakeside won international award with Digital Kindergarten 11/6/2019 Kick-off of acceleration programme for talents 11/6/2019 Open Call at ESA Business Incubation Center 11/4/2019 LayOn on Kickstarter 10/30/2019 Make the Global Leap with Professional Fellows Program! 10/25/2019 10 entrepreneurial talents are chosen for the Start:up Alpe Adria Acceleration Programme 10/25/2019 10 startups will be part of the Start:up Alpe Adria Acceleration programme 10/23/2019 CESAwards 2019 regional public voting is open 10/23/2019 PODIM among the 30 best Startup Events in Europe! 9/30/2019 Smart Optometry has entered the US market 9/25/2019 3 Slovenian startups joining Start.up! Germany 2019 Road Show 9/24/2019 Open Call for Entrepreneurial talents 9/24/2019 Open Call for Seed Stage Startups 9/12/2019 Austrian startup Bitpanda launched their Global Exchange 9/11/2019 CESAwards 2019 national public voting is open 8/29/2019 Take part at the European Startup Monitor 2019 and help creating the startup ecosystem! 8/29/2019 Develop your business and entrepreneurial skills with free online courses 8/28/2019 Join SK roadshows to get ready for application for SK75 and SI-SK calls! 8/27/2019 Provide your startup with support from 75,000 to 600,000 € and endless growth opportunities! 8/16/2019 Applications for #10 Batch of accelerator program are OPEN! 7/31/2019 Startup eyeson reached 3 mio downloads 7/30/2019 Austrian blockchain startup Blockpit raises €2.5 million 7/26/2019 Nominations for Global Startup Awards are open 7/19/2019 Satellite TRISAT ready for space launch 7/17/2019 Grow your business internationally – with Soft-Landing Missions! 7/3/2019 Scale up your business with Go2Market 7/1/2019 Join Start.up! Germany 2019 Road Show! 6/26/2019 HighFly inspires with innovative electric board 6/26/2019 Call for the best innovative projects 6/24/2019 5 companies are looking for startups 6/18/2019 AIRPOD's smart napping pod coming at the European airports 6/14/2019 Realize your digital business idea 6/6/2019 Accelerator program for startups in the tourism industry 6/6/2019 6 reasons why apply for the EIT Digital Challenge 5/31/2019 Graz USound raised another 10 million US dollars capital 5/31/2019 Join the Biggest Online Scaleup Challenge in CEE! 5/28/2019 Collaboration between Movalyse and insurance company brought innovative solution 5/27/2019 Slovenian startup of the year 2019 is Hurra Studios 5/27/2019 Networking cross-border event - hiking on Milje hills 5/24/2019 PODIM Challenge 2019 winner is AdScanner 5/8/2019 Do you know the golden rules on how to enter Austrian market? 5/7/2019 Collaboration with startups offers incredible benefits 4/30/2019 Breaking records in the European startup market 4/30/2019 Funding and growing opportunity for startups 4/19/2019 Learning From the Best: Alps-Adriatic Study Visits 4/17/2019 Investment fund investing in CEE tech startups 4/15/2019 Successful Austrian startup Neoh 4/12/2019 PODIM Genesis 3/26/2019 CargoX among most promising startups 3/26/2019 Austrian SteadySense raises 6 million EUR 3/22/2019 The preselection for 54.000 EUR subventions is knocking on the door! 3/6/2019 The first Slovenian satellite to fly into space in August 2/15/2019 Vienna-based medtech startup Medicus AI receives a 2.75M EUR investment 2/7/2019 Redstart Instrumentation: startup with a top pharmaceutical innovation 1/28/2019 Will your startup win the “Football Innovation Award” at the Future of Football Business Conference in Graz? 1/24/2019 Maribor startup DaiBau receives a six-digit investment from international funds 1/23/2019 The little startup that sold nearly half a million books! 1/22/2019 Melon & Lime: into the world of startups with an app and a smart yoga mat 1/22/2019 Pitch your mobility solution to leading players in Austria’s economy! 1/10/2019 Sunnybag: solar backpack from Graz that can wirelessly charge smartphones 1/10/2019 Fear of growth kills ambition 1/9/2019 By end of 2019 more than 250 million smart speakers worldwide 1/7/2019 Female Founders Launch Accelerators for Women and leadership program 1/7/2019 Establishing a supercomputer center in Maribor 1/4/2019 Call to startups who implement environmentally friendly packaging ideas! 1/3/2019 Startup Crawl: Doors open day in Slovene startup and tech companies 1/3/2019 Top Graz exits & acquisitions of 2018
12/14/2018 ABC Accelerator and Friuli Innovazione in a cross-border acceleration project 12/14/2018 eQventure invests in Graz startup for App Store Optimization 12/10/2018 A million euro investment for Styrian MedTech ‘ilvi’ 12/4/2018 Graz video call startup eyeson receives 3 mio EUR investment 12/3/2018 The ‘super-group’ startup: 3 Graz Startups merge 12/3/2018 Top n’ Tech: Explosion of technology 11/30/2018 Slovene Economic Alliance in Carinthia (SGZ) celebrates 30 years 11/23/2018 Workshop on Start-ups and Technology Transfer in Innovation Ecosystems in South-East Europe and Alpine Region 11/20/2018 Maribor is strengthening as a tech hub of the broader region 11/20/2018 Instahelp: A space for emotions 11/16/2018 CargoX wins the IRU World Congress Startup competition among 77 competitors 11/13/2018 The ABC accelerator once again the best in Central and Eastern Europe 11/8/2018 Ikea is looking for startups! 11/8/2018 Google Austria now has a woman at the top 11/6/2018 Cryptomania - an analog game about a digital hysteria 11/2/2018 Klagenfurt IoT40 Systems and German Axians join forces to accelerates IoT adoption in SMEs 10/29/2018 Slovene Geneplanet is the best CEE biotech startup 10/25/2018 A portable solution for detecting gluten 10/12/2018 Tomatoes as tasty as from a home garden 10/4/2018 Klagenfurt’s build! incubator with new director 10/3/2018 Carinthia start-up scene: second in Austria, only behind Vienna 9/20/2018 How a young entrepreneur transformed a legend into a lucrative business 9/12/2018 Artificial Intelligence: The World in Five Years 9/10/2018 Slovene company 3fs expanding with a regional office in Maribor 9/7/2018 Tilen Travnik: “When a customer comes to Slovenia, things just happen by themselves” 9/5/2018 Crowdfunding in Austria: 82,6 million EUR since 2012! 9/5/2018 Call for talents - Start:up Alpe Adria Open Call for Entrepreneurial talents 9/5/2018 Call for Seed-stage startups Start:up Alpe Adria Open Call for Seed Stage Startups - Start:up Adria Open Call for Entrepreneurial talents 9/5/2018 Call for Growth-stage startups - Start:up Alpe Adria Open Call for Growth-stage Startups - Start:up Adria Open Call for Entrepreneurial talents 8/17/2018 Drone solution for wineries 8/13/2018 THE solution for a million young families 6/28/2018 Empower the blind to have better access to digital content 6/26/2018 Why startups fail? 6/23/2018 Student hackathons and the future of IT in Slovenia and EU 6/21/2018 From a homemade peanut butter project to a brand and product line! 6/20/2018 Mid-6-figure investment for Graz startup Logoshuffle! 6/14/2018 Cross-border networking and hiking: Let’s go together! 6/14/2018 Čezmejno startup mreženje in pohod: Skupaj na pot! 6/14/2018 Cross-border startup networking durch Wandern: Gemeinsam Gehen 6/11/2018 You can be the best, and yet the worst ones are still in front of you 6/6/2018 We have to bring more venture capital to Carinthia 6/4/2018 Graz digital agency CodeFlügel wins Henkel Group 6/2/2018 Hollywood in Lakeside Park Klagenfurt 5/29/2018 Cosylab – sales magic and grateful slap in the face 5/23/2018 EKWB: Eight years of labour for a prestigious brand 5/21/2018 The networks that connect us across borders 5/19/2018 Six-digit investment for Graz car comparison platform 5/7/2018 Do you want to control your computer with your feet? 5/4/2018 Tiko Pro is planning to expand to Austria 5/2/2018 Graz 3D startup ‘mything’ launches with 2 million EUR capital backing! 4/30/2018 Carinthian GP Motion wows the '2 Minuten 2 Milionen' investors! 4/30/2018 0xcert: Their first angel is a former employer 4/20/2018 Graz startup Nuki lands cooperation with Airbnb! 4/18/2018 They’re exporting to Antarctica too! 4/16/2018 MoneyRebel: The financial industry will be hit by a true revolution 4/10/2018 Starting serial production of Slovenian floating gramophones 4/9/2018 The 'green' crowdfunding platform Green Rocket exceeds the 10 million EUR mark! 4/7/2018 5 startups in the new build! program 4/3/2018 Go on Kickstarter, but be serious about your product 4/3/2018 PODIM inviting startup members with Slovene roots who live abroad! 3/27/2018 Slovenian and Austrian cross-border mingling at the Startup Spritzer #39 3/26/2018 Katapult reviving Zasavje with entrepreneurship of young people 3/23/2018 Millions exit: Graz startup iTranslate is the new ‘sister’ of Tinder 3/21/2018 Lady Unicorns: The women who founded multi-billion startups 3/19/2018 High-tech pen for Parkinson’s patients 3/19/2018 The European Commission announces European startup ambassadors 3/13/2018 The only rule in digital advertising is that there are no rules! 3/12/2018 The economy is gaining a female touch - women in Styrian startups 3/8/2018 PODIM: Adriatic startup conference on a visit to Austria 3/7/2018 Let’s go to Graz for a Startup Spritzer! 3/5/2018 BTC City and Eligma on a journey towards advanced online shopping 3/5/2018 Meo Easy Energy: Graz solution for energy self-sufficiency 3/2/2018 Carinthian IT know-how taking over the world 2/28/2018 Next-Incubator and Austrian Business Angels join forces 2/27/2018 Wall Street Company Allegion invests in Graz startup Nuki! 2/27/2018 Startups in SEE: Slovenians attract the most venture capital 2/26/2018 The Carinthian Apprentice of the year 2017 is ... 2/23/2018 Augmented reality for experiencing history and cultural heritage 2/22/2018 VIAR: the Celje startup that convinced global corporations 2/21/2018 Enter your innovative idea for the Startup Idea Competition! 2/20/2018 SportyCo: setting out to become the Kickstarter of sports 2/20/2018 ICO should be an upgrade to your startup, not an end in itself 2/19/2018 The chubby conductor that makes sure your sheet music is organized 2/12/2018 A seven-figure investment for Klagenfurt's Symvaro! 2/9/2018 Paul Potato: Carinthian startup reaches Kickstarter goal in two hours! 2/7/2018 'Holidays On Wheels' with a crowdfunding campaing to make accessibility visible! 1/24/2018 NERVteh technology impressed at NAIAS, one of the most influential international car fairs! 1/19/2018 OriginTrail ICO Raises $22.5 Million to Build Transparency in Supply Chains 1/16/2018 Automotive Vertical Innovation Camp: connect with major suppliers for the automotive industry!
12/15/2017 Carinthian e-health startup Sticklett receives six-digit investment! 12/13/2017 OriginTrail admitted to reputable Bits x Bites Acceleration Program in Shanghai 11/15/2017 A student from Udine developed MonuMeet: an app for unique turist experiences 6/29/2017 Digital Transformation of SME’s in Slovenia – Status Quo and Opportunities 6/19/2017 Want to Innovate Like Apple? Come to the free corpo post-PODIM #InvestEU workshop! 6/16/2017 Jernej Mirt, VIAR: »People vote with wallets best.« 6/11/2017 Nejc Škoberne, Genialis: “Work with data represents a large part of research in biology” 6/5/2017 ABC Accelerator is ready for a hyper digital era with a new partnership 5/30/2017 PODIM 2017: Every year better, every year more serious, and every year more! 5/19/2017 Beeping to enter a partnership with the multinational corporation Henkel 5/11/2017 The winner of PODIM Challenge is start-up Genialis! 5/10/2017 Up To Eleven Seeks To Attract Startups From The Alps-Adriatic Region 5/10/2017 Slovenian startup of the year is VIAR! 5/8/2017 To a new rise of Maribor by looking for fresh capital, attracting new investments, and supporting startup companies! 5/8/2017 Investment plan for Europe has already supported more than 3,000 startups! 5/5/2017 Jernej Močnik, Nova KBM: Fintech will mostly affect payment transactions and debit card payments 5/5/2017 Startup Live Trieste: in 54 hours from an idea to a pitch! 5/4/2017 Damjan Slapar, Iskratel: It takes a corporate investor one phone call to solve a problem that would take a startup one month 5/4/2017 We are introducing the finalists for the Slovenian Startup of the Year 5/3/2017 Zoran Miloševič, Zavarovalnica Triglav: Getting real about disruptions in insurance or why publishing the record of an insurance claim paid in 3 seconds is an excellent PR move! 4/28/2017 Suzana Leben, Telekom Slovenije: About erasing borders between industries and infinite possibilities of collaboration with startups brought by 5G, IoT, and connectivity 4/21/2017 Iztok Renčelj, Pošta Slovenije: We are interested in solutions that consider the network of 550 offices, 2,400 postmen and 1,200 vehicles in the field! 4/20/2017 Mateja Lavrič, Kolektor Ventures: There needs to be some chemistry between the investor and the startup; a feeling you can work together and trust each other 4/19/2017 Valter Leban, Kolektor: How can you give meaning to new technologies for smart factories of the future? 4/3/2017 What kind of startups are PODIM Challenge 'corpo' partners? Also, why and how to cooperate with them? 3/28/2017 Pošta Slovenije will answer logistical challenges of the first and last mile in partnership with startups! 3/27/2017 In partnership with startups to bank services of the future! 3/27/2017 Zavarovalnica Triglav also collaborates with startups to ensure innovative solutions for a safer future! 3/26/2017 Telekom Slovenije will collaborate with startups in developing solutions for telecommunications of the future 3/1/2017 We are starting the tenth Start:up Slovenia and announcing the new round of P2, SK75 and SK200 financing! 2/23/2017 Guys from Apple and HoloLens are coming to PODIM this year! 2/22/2017 How much does my word count, what is whose, and who is truly in charge? 2/16/2017 Who joined forces in the CorpoHub and why is this good news for startups? 2/15/2017 New 3D printer of the Pel3o team already exciting new users! 2/7/2017 Start:up Slovenia under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology joined the Visegrad partnership for building a collective regional startup platform 2/1/2017 Iskratel is planning to invest 5,000,000 € into promising startups from the region in the next five years! 1/29/2017 Tibopo – creator of the mDRIVE system and startup of the year 2015 received a Privacy Ambassador award! 1/27/2017 Doctrina Raises €1,020,000 of New Capital 1/16/2017 MedicoApps team impressing pilots across the world! 1/8/2017 The tiniest and thinnest Bluetooth trackers in the world are Chipolo’s new products!
12/20/2016 Smart heating controller accepted into the German accelerator Kraftwerk 12/19/2016 Platform SEOVISOR also available for marketing activities in the US 12/6/2016 Team EqualEyes once again among winners of TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in London! 12/2/2016 Announcing the best startups in Central-Eastern Europe! 11/29/2016 Are you coming to the grand finale of CESA 2016? We are anticipating a resounding Slovenian victory! 11/26/2016 Bootcamp SK75 - how to catch the right perspective of the forest and trees? 11/26/2016 Bootcamp got real with SK200 startups - mostly about the importance of sales, business planning and the difficulty of entering foreign markets! 11/21/2016 We discovered the secret code and unlocked the treasury of rich knowledge and experiences of all SK generations! 11/18/2016 See you at the Slovenian selection for the esteemed Central European Startup Awards 2016! 11/17/2016 ADORA MED earned a silver medal at the esteemed health tech competition in Switzerland! 11/14/2016 Slovenia will be represented by 11 national startup stars at the Central European Startup Awards 2016 Grand Finale! 10/29/2016 High-impact Slovenian innovation KumuluzEE awarded the prestigious Java Oscar 10/15/2016 Business Angels of Slovenia are inviting you to European Venture Summit 2016 and covering some of the costs! 10/14/2016 Visiting Copenhagen with the Austrian Slovenian startup delegation 10/6/2016 Chipolo and their new smart keychain Chipolo Plus once again jumping ahead of the global competition! 9/29/2016 A bridge between Slovenia and the US has been built! 9/28/2016 Business Angel Conference EBAN Winter University 2016 with the pitching competition Zagreb Connect Investment conference Coinvest is joining forces with EBAN Winter University 2016 9/15/2016 HighTech XL Accelerator is looking for Slovenian hardware visionaries 9/15/2016 Nominations for prestigious Central European Awards are open! Nominate your startup heroes and heroines 9/12/2016 Zemanta is celebrating and employing! 9/8/2016 Membership in the European Startup Network and a new overview of the Slovenian startup ecosystem! 9/5/2016 In Brussels we will co-create effective measures for startups on the European level! 8/16/2016 Do you want to work in Chile? Apply for the programme Start-up Chile! 8/7/2016 Construction corporation BOUYGUES wishes to collaborate with future office startups! 8/4/2016 Marko Filej is looking for new team members for growth hacking, sales and marketing of the OnlineGym4me platform 7/25/2016 ABC Accelerator is expanding to Munich and Silicon Valley, then to India next year 6/27/2016 VIAR is going to Seattle and expanding its team! 6/14/2016 Register for Deloitte’s Competition for fastest-growing tech companies in Central Europe 6/13/2016 Invoice Exchange thrilled investors at Wolves Summit and PODIM, will also win at CONDA! 6/10/2016 PODIM = Energy + Networking + Learning + Alpe-Adria 5/12/2016 GoAvio is the Startup of the Year 2016! 5/11/2016 German insurance giant ERGO invested into Eurosender! 4/14/2016 Have you already applied for PODIM Challenge? Hurry up, the deadline is 15 April! 3/29/2016 With 15 % discount to the Romanian Techsylvania! 3/15/2016 Start:up Slovenia competition kick-off and announcement for the P2 grant and SK products of the Slovene Enterprise Fund 2/17/2016 Pioneers500 applications open until 31 March 2016! 2/11/2016 12 recipients of autumn SK investments are known! There are now 45 companies in the SK family, and they’ve received 3.8 million € of capital 2/3/2016 Slovenian Zebra BI amongst most promising apps for data visualization! 1/27/2016 Startups, publish your offer on the new B2B platform of the LAUNCHub accelerator! 1/27/2016 The Swiss will invest into Slovenian startups! 1/7/2016 Slovenian-American startup Reveel successfully closed a 2-million-dollar investment!
12/7/2015 Slovenian victory at TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in London! 12/3/2015 Don't be afraid of crises and watch your money! This is the key advice for SK75 recipients at the end of bootcamp 11/30/2015 Insider tickets for Lean Startup Machine in Graz are sold out! Early bird sales with the price of 150 € have started. 11/21/2015 This year's Coinvest won by startup OOSM, member of Technology Park Ljubljana! 11/13/2015 Open applications for Pioneers500! 11/12/2015 The startup weekend in Udine is inviting mentors from Slovenia to participate! 11/11/2015 Silicon Valley Open Doors is coming to Dublin and inviting to a startup competition! 11/5/2015 Maribor-based startup EqualEyes one of the best Android developers in the world! 11/4/2015 Set the price, go on autopilot and monitor your business as it flies! 10/28/2015 Let's help bring Lean Startup Machine to Graz – step two! 10/20/2015 Investment SK given to 33 innovative startups! Which one has the biggest potential to become a global success story? 10/13/2015 When the European Commission Vice President meets the Slovenian startup community 10/12/2015 Looking for Slovenian unicorns or what can we learn from SK investment seekers? 10/6/2015 Seize the moment, be the change, and start your idea in Slovenia! 10/2/2015 NERVteh, recipient of the SK50 investment, in talks with Google for testing autonomous driving! 9/28/2015 ​We solved an unpleasant paradox and turned the world upside down! 9/22/2015 After swimming in the ocean and a downpour to an investment from Tim Draper and Eleven fund! 9/16/2015 Start:up Sauna coming to Ljubljana again! Looking for the most promising startups in the region 9/14/2015 10 critical mistakes that can cost you your global success! 9/12/2015 ABC HUB formally opened its doors and presented the national Central European Startup Awards 8/24/2015 P&G Challenge or how you can connect with one of the biggest cosmetic multinational companies 8/16/2015 Pioneers Festival looking for the best startups in the Balkans! Applications by 31 August 2015 8/10/2015 Chipolo growing and conquering the world, expanding the team for new development achievements! 7/3/2015 Apply to Deloitte’s competition for the fastest growing companies in Central Europe! 7/2/2015 Adriatic Start-up school – Ecapital culture 2015 7/1/2015 Austrian Business Angel Day and pitch contest – applications until 10 July! 6/23/2015 Tennis star Ana Ivanović became the co-owner of the Slovenian start-up 6/15/2015 Come to start:Cloud ++ showcase pitch and meeting an investor: Voja Lalić from StartLabs 6/11/2015 Investment opportunities for social entrepreneurship at CEE Impact Day 2015 6/10/2015 With ABC accelerator to EXPO 2015 in Milano! Excellent opportunity for pitching to international investors and networking 6/4/2015 Massive action, excitement and success of the PODIM2015 Conference! 4/26/2015 Over 600 participants for the 2nd edition of Techsylvania 2/4/2015 ABC of start-up finance: ensure you have positive cash flow and your administration is taken care of! 2/2/2015 Top 10 pieces of advice for entering markets abroad 1/25/2015 Start-ups, sales are a craft. Your CRM can be in Excel, your final goal is profit! 1/19/2015 Canvas instead of a business plan and building a successful business model 1/16/2015 SmartNinja teaches programming and IT skills to all beginners and individuals willing to learn 1/15/2015 Companies challenge, young people solve! The first entrepreneurial challenges are waiting for young budding entrepreneurs to solve them using “running lean” methodologies 1/12/2015 Established companies: improve your business model and sweep away your competition! 1/8/2015 We are looking for Slovenian winners of Imagine Cup! Application deadline January 30th! 1/6/2015 Start-ups most often fail because they don’t understand the market and don’t segment their users 1/5/2015 Global Impact Competition 2015 applications are open for CEE region