CargoX among most promising startups

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
The use of blockchain has extremely increased in the past few years, especially with the emergence of many cryptocurrencies. And many of them have been created by startups in order to raise funds through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). However the value of these cryptocurrencies largely collapsed in a boom-and-bust bubble in 2018, the European startups continue to offer ICOs and are finding many more uses for blockchain. For example, applications in logistics for tracking goods, in legal tech to secure smart contracts, in fintech for tracking transactions and for identity verification, as well as in gaming and education.
Slovenian startup CargoX was founded in Ljubljana in 2017 and is today among 10 of Europe's most promising early-stage blockchain startups. In November 2018, the company won the first prize at the IRU World Congress Startup competition with very strong competition of 77 competitiors from several countries. Today the company is very successfull and cooperates with many international partners. It is an independent supplier of blockchain-based Smart Bill of Lading solutions that provide an extremely fast, safe, reliable, and cost-effective way to process Bills of Lading anywhere in the world. This Slovene startup has developed a decentralised platform based on the Ethereum network, and has a pipeline of future products for the supply chain industry.
Besides CargoX among 10 of Europe's most promising early-stage blockchain startups are also the following startups:
  • Bitcliq,
  • Nodes,
  • Neufund, 
  • Authenteq,
  • Lendonomv,
  • Amrosus,
  • Colendi,
  • ODEM,
  • Fieldcoin. 

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Photo: EU-Startups.