Achieve high growth with limited assets!

Monday, December 9, 2019
This time growth hacker and marketing expert Maja Voje shared precious advice about how to achieve high growth with limited assets, on marketing & selling workshop with 10 selected Seed-Stage startups from Slovenia and Austria from Start:up Alpe-Adria acceleration program at Technology Park Ljubljana.
Do you know how many times a person needs to come in contact with a brand to be ready to convert? 8 to 11 times! Take this into account when setting up your marketing communication. Let's have a look at some of Maja's advice how to achieve high growth.


You need to find the best channels for selling

How? Create a list of all possible channels you could use and then prioritize them considering the impact and how quick and simple you can implement them. You need to select channels that bring you the highest impact and then focus on them.

Adapt communication for different stages in selling funnel

Get to know pain points of your ideal customers and get to know what are people thinking at different stages of the selling funnel and prepare different messages, sales triggers for different stages in funnels.

Good analytics is very important

Make sure that your analytics is not broken, that you measure as much as possible and that your data is right. Otherwise you don't know what to optimize and cannot make good decisions.

Get ready for the campaign

When you place a campaign, make sure you have installed Facebook Pixel, so that you can later on target people that visited your webpage with ads.

Optimize your webpage

Make sure that the webpage is converting nicely and make sure you have optimized it for mobile. If people don't understand what your website is about in 5 seconds, you lose them. The same goes for slow loading of your webpage. Therefore, Maja suggests to do usability test of your webpage with real users

Take advantage of email marketing

Collect emails wherever possible, as email marketing is a very important communication channel.
Take these advice into action and start developing your growth strategy today!