Smart Optometry has entered the US market

Monday, September 30, 2019
Slovenian startup Smart Optometry providing software solutions for eye care has recently launched its software-based vision therapy solution AmbyoPlay in the US market. It is a home-based vision therapy solution to actively treat amblyopia (lazy eye), mild strabismus (crossed or turned eye) or convergence insufficiency (eyes unable to focus together) and is currently used by 75,000 doctors worldwide.


Market of great potential

The US market is the main priority for Smart Optometry as there live more than the whole Slovenia of children with this eye problem. In the US, 100,000 children are born with eye problems that require vision therapy each year and among them prevails amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, a vision development disorder in which the vision of one eye is less developed than the other. Because the brain has difficulties merging two images when one is of weaker quality, it starts to favor the stronger eye over the weaker one and this causes further weakening of lazy eye.

Innovative vision therapy solution

The existing vision therapy exercises used to treat amblyopia are repetitive and time-consuming and not interesting. And this is often the reason for abandonment of the therapy for a high proportion of patients, especially young children. And with AmblyoPlay it is different. Users perform vision therapy through red and blue glasses and interactive gaming software and this trains lazy eye as well as also brain to use correctly both eyes.
“We realized quickly that for our target age group – children aged four to 14 – making the therapy engaging and rewarding was the first step in supporting parents and doctors as they treat amblyopia,” said ┼Żan Menart, CEO of AmblyoPlay.
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Photo: Smart Optometry