AIRPOD's smart napping pod coming at the European airports

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
In the end of May Slovenian startup AIRPOD presented prototype of first smart napping pod at Technology Park Ljubljana in Slovenia. At the end of this year we can expect the first pods at the European airports.


Solving problem of privacy at public areas
Over 400 million passengers in air transit per year are facing the same problems – lack of privacy, uncomfortable seats, and no place to relax. AirPod Unit will offer an opportunity for privacy and comfort in public areas where people are not used to having such options. It will be a private napping spot for resting, relaxing and working when on-the-go.
Providing ultimate comfort
AirPod Unit will provide users with ultimate comfort. Specially designed seat will offer different positions and it can also transform into a bed. Inside the the AirPod Unit will be also air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, entertainment options, easy access to the luggage compartment, and much more. Customers will get connected with the unit through a mobile app and manage the unit through the user interface. They will have different options to choose from – setting the interior temperature, controlling seat position, select the different scent and visual therapy options, darkening the interior and more.
Huge demand on the market
"In recent weeks, we have attended the largest air show in Dubai, where the demand for our pods has been immense. If at the moment we would have 1000 pods, we could easily place them on larger airports. Now we have completed the prototype, which provides insight into my dreams also to the others - to investors and future users," said Grega Mrgole, CEO at AIRPOD.
”AIRPOD Technologies finished its Start-up phase and is entering a new exciting chapter – start of the production and the placement of AirPod Units on airports worldwide will begin soon. Slovenian products and our expertise will spread all over the world,” said Gregor Mrgole.
Find out more here. (in Slovene)
Photo: AirPod