The 'green' crowdfunding platform Green Rocket exceeds the 10 million EUR mark!

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Graz-based crowdfunding platform Green Rocket (part of Rockets Holding), which specializes in companies with a focus on sustainability, has provided more than 10 million EUR in funding for a total of 45 projects! Through the Green Rocket platform startups and projects in the energy, environment, mobility and health sectors will be funded.

Most recent funding was of the craft beer brewery Flecks from Styria, which received 550,000 EUR. Nevertheless, Rockets Holding founders Wolfgang Deutschmann and Peter Garber set clear criteria when making the selection: "Our platform sets very strict selection criteria for the companies to be financed. Success-dependent track records and clear business plans are prerequisites of all," they announced in their press release. Out of around 1000 requests received, only a minimal fraction of them meet the requirements of the platform and will be selected for a crowdinvesting offering.

Hanfgarten, GW Energie and Flecks as former leaders on Green Rocket


How big this "minimal fraction" is, was not mentioned. But a different number: more than 10 million EUR have been set up in a total of 45 projects for Green Rocket. So far the leading projects have been Hanfgarten, GW Energie and the aforementioned Flecks. The currently active startup campaign is called snics, an e-health startup for automatic image recognition and food analysis. People are definitely interested and are backing the project. By now their funding goal was reached and has doubled.

Three platforms - one strategy


The two founders are pursuing their own strategy with the division into three rocket platforms: Green Rocket, Home Rocket and Lion Rocket. "With the allocation to three companies, investors have the opportunity to create a diversified portfolio and to manage it themselves," write Deutschmann and Garber in the release. In addition, of course, target group considerations should play a major role. Together, the three platforms already have a total funding of 22 million EUR, of which 10.5 million was in 2017. A total of 18,000 people have invested so far. There were no repayments to crowd investors for Green Rocket projects as they have terms of six to ten years.

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Foto:  (c) Lupi Spuma / Rockets Holding: Peter Garber and Wolfgang Deutschmann.