5 companies are looking for startups

Monday, June 24, 2019
Startups, now you have a great opportunity to start cooperation with companies. The Vienna Chamber of Commerce is launching the fifth round of its corporate startup collaboration program Innovation 2 Company, a platform for 5 companies to look for startups.
OMV and Signa with René Benko, Austria's most successful real estate investor, are among the five "buddy companies" this year. Additionally, also the Association of Social Security funds with its subsidiary SVC GmbH, the insurer HDI and the Frauenthal Handel Group are looking for startups through the program.
What kind of startups are the 5 companies looking for?
  • Signa is looking for startups who work on a common consumer end-to-end solution for digital apartments sales as they want to offer national and international customers the opportunity to purchase apartments from the portfolio independently of location and fully digitalized online.
  • OMV is looking for startups with asset monitoring solutions to detect and potentially predict anomalies in large scale facilities such as refineries and pipelines.
  • The main association of Austrian social security funds together with its subsidiary SVC, is looking for startups with technologies, services or tools to optimize the patient journey.
  • HDI is looking for startups to help optimize online presence.
  • Frauenthal is looking for startups with applications in the field of (industrial) 3D printing.
Apply for Innovation 2 Company program
The Application for Innovation 2 Company 2019 is open till 10th July 2019. In September and October selection process and pitching days will follow and during pitching days the winners will be determined.
Interested? Find more here (in German).

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