Let’s go to Graz for a Startup Spritzer!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Startup Spritzer are weekly traditional meetings of the Graz startup community, organized by the student entrepreneurial network IdeenTriebwerk Graz. On Thursday, 15 March at 7 PM, they are organizing a special edition of their ‘Spritzer’ in a cross-border manner and slovenian-austrian networking. The organized ‘Spritzer Bus’ will take you from Ljubljana and Maribor to Graz and back. Deadline to apply for the Bus is 13 March by 6 PM.

At Startup Spritzer - the monthly meetup event of IdeenTriebwerk Graz - startups present their projects in front of a live audience to receive real-time feedback. The people who are interested in the company are looking for an opportunity to exchange ideas, to keep their eyes open for the freshest startups and the networking part of the cherry on the cake. A relaxed and relaxed atmosphere - a sparkling experience! The event will be in English.

Registration for the event

Application for the free ‘Spritzer bus’ here