Provide your startup with support from 75,000 to 600,000 € and endless growth opportunities!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019
This autumn brings new opportunities for innovative young companies! Calls SK75 and SI-SK are open again. Grab this great opportunity! Slovene Enterprise Fund provides innovative young companies in the early stages with seed capital for rapid growth on the market, and also with great support of mentors.

Come for more information about both calls to roadshow events this and next week, apply for pre-selection and provide your company with precious financial support and support of mentors!

Three presentation events – roadshows are waiting for you to provide you with all necessary information about the financing of startups with 75,000 eur of convertible loan (SK75) and co-investment with private investors (SI-SK) from 100,000 eur to 1,200,000 or 2,400,000 eur. Don't miss them!
Young innovative companies in the early stages can obtain quasi-equity financing of 75,000 eur as a convertible loan (SK75) for scaling up sales and growth on the market, while Slovene Enterprise Fund invests or provides equity financing for fast-growing innovative companies for rapid global growth by co-investing with an independent private investor: business angels, private / venture capital funds, or corporations (SI-SK).

SK75 for innovative startups with potential of global growth

SK75 is ideal for innovative startups with potential of global growth that want to increase their sales. What does it bring to startup?
  • 75,000 eur of capital as a convertible loan from call SK75.
  • Intensive coaching – accelerator program, which will provide you will all neccessary knowledge for entrepreneurial success.
  • Startup mentors - successful Slovene and foreign entrepreneurs and investors, who help entrepreneur personally on the way to success.
  • Personal consultant, who helps entrepreneur by preparing reports and all the administration needed for the call SK75.
  • International recognition: with program SK75 companies get help to gain media visibility and promotion, and at the same time get support from the network of domestic and international partners to get in contact with potential business partners and customers.

SI-SK – co-investment with private investors

The purpose of co-investing with private investors is to provide equity financing for innovative companies in seed stage that find it difficult to access commercial bank financing or other traditional forms of financing.

What does it bring to companies?
  • From 100,000 eur to 600,000 eur of direct capital investment from Slovene Enterprise Fund when the Slovene Entreprise Fund invests together with business angels or private/venture capital funds.
  • From 200,000 eur to 600,000 eur of direct capital investment from Slovene Enterprise Fund when the Slovene Entreprise Fund invests together with corporations.
What do you obtain in public-private financing?
  • Company/investor can obtain in total from 200,000 eur to 1,250,000 eur of public-private investments.
  • An innovative company that meets the requirements for innovation can benefit from  200,000 eur to 2,400,000 eur of public-private investments.

Applying for the pre-selection brings you 40 out of 100 points

Applicants to the SK75 call have also the opportunity to apply for the pre-selection procedure that is run by Start: up Slovenia. It provides applicants with support in order to prepare a quality application for funding, further development of the business idea and business model, obtaining a potential private investor, and additionally the accumulation of private capital....

As the pre-selection procedure can bring up to 40 points out of a total of 100 possible when applying for a call, the chances of success by applying for pre-selection are significantly greater.

The deadline for applying for pre-selection is 5th September 2019. Make sure you don't miss it!

One of the most favorable forms of raising start-up capital

The results and feedback from Slovenian startups that have received SK75 so far indicate that this is one of the most effective and accessible forms of seed funding, as this financial product enables entrepreneurs to quickly and efficiently test key assumptions for business development and sales growth or financing global expansion. And at the same time it enables entrepreneurs to actively prepare for major investment rounds of domestic or foreign venture capital funds or joining the accelerator.

Find more information here (in Slovene).