Do you want to control your computer with your feet?

Monday, May 7, 2018
From amongst 3872 projects currently on Kickstarter, two Slovenian ones are also active, namely Active Footrest and Nerbon. Active Footrest is a wooden active footrest for healthier and more efficient work behind the computer. With it, AF team colleagues are solving the problem of physical inactivity in the workplace, which is more and more troubling, also leading to some studies labeling long-term sitting as the “new smoking”. Crossed legs have a bad influence on vein blood flow, which causes varicose veins.

When the feet have control

Active Footrest – we find a series of different footrests under this name on the internet – is a unique footrest because we can use our feet to replace the most frequent commands that we carry out with a mouse when doing our everyday work on the computer. This means that we can also use our feet to interact with the computer. Active Footrest of the AF team, led by Andrej Miksić, is the fruit of two years of development. And yes, you’re right – while reading content on the computer literally hands-free, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in peace. So, you can use your feet to browse a website, but you can also set up commands such as print, delete, copy, paste, start, alt/tab and similar. Programmers, musicians, architects, analysts, designers, engineers and others have already shown excitement over such way of controlling the computer.

Shiny carbon rings

Another team collecting money on Kickstarter is Nerbon, manually creating rings from carbon fibers with a unique appearance because they glow in the dark after being exposed to light. The brand Nerbon is focused on jewelry made mostly of composite materials. The idea leader of the project, Jan Berk, wishes to introduce high-tech composite materials into everyday lives in the form of elegant, unique jewelry. Carbon fibers are treated with a special technology that was developed by Lamborghini a couple of years ago to produce lightweight but sturdy parts for luxury sports cars. Carbon fibers are coated with resin and don’t become brittle. This way, a special forged material stronger than steel is created. The forged carbon has added resin with luminous dust. The result is a series of rings that glow in the dark after being exposed to UV-light or sun. The money collected on Kickstarter will be spent on buying tools for making bigger quantities of rings.

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