Paul Potato: Carinthian startup reaches Kickstarter goal in two hours!

Friday, February 9, 2018
The Carinthian startup Gusta Garden is wowing backers with their "potato tower" Paul Potato on Kickstarter. The team obviously set the target at 10.000 EUR a bit too low, since it was reached and passed within two hours. 

The "Potato Tower" is a popular DIY kit for hobby gardeners with limited space. By searching the internet one can find some very clever ways to produce relatively large amounts of potatoes on a small area. For all amateur balcony gardeners that lack the necessary DIY skills to make the structure themselves, the startup team made a ready-made 'Potato tower', Paul potato. All you need to do is add potatoes. 

Read more about this story and the team behind it on (the article is in German).