Starting serial production of Slovenian floating gramophones

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Mag-Lev Audio, following successful campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo where they collected over 800,000 euros, launched their production of the only floating gramophones in the world. The production was taken up in rented facilities in Nova Gorica, offering a new opportunity and employment to 12 people. The company now employs 20 already.
At a recent presentation in the facilities of Primorska Technology Park in Vrtojba, the directors Tomaž Pegan and Davorin Furlan said that they are planning on making around 1500 floating gramophones a month. The first ones will go to customers, about 850 of them, who have already paid for the gramophones via successful global online campaigns, followed by distributors for various countries across the world that have sent the first pre-orders.

“Our customers are middle-aged people who wish to listen to music in peace after work, to relax, taking the time to listen to music after a difficult day,” said Furlan for STA. Floating gramophones were bought through Kickstarter, with as much as 60 percent of the customers coming from the US, but also others from Europe, Australia and Japan.

So far, they have sold around 40 floating gramophones in Slovenia, while all others will be headed abroad. Pegan said that in a year, they will make around 10,000 gramophones, with more than 50 percent of Slovenian components built into them, made all over the country.

Erzetich for audiophiles

Besides Mag-Lev Audio, another company for high-quality sound introduced itself, namely company Erzetich, also working in the facilities of the Primorska Technology Park in Vrtojba.

Erzetich is making high-quality amplifiers for headphones and two models of audiophile headphones (dynamic and planar magnetic), rounding off its offer for personal audio. The headphone prototypes were already introduced at two HiFi fairs, where they excited the visitors and attracted a lot of attention.

But unlike Mag-Lev Audio, the owner of Erzetich, Blaz Erzetič, isn’t planning to increase the production. He himself is building the offered items, only around thirty individual units per month.

“My systems are meant for the desktop and not intended for transport, they’re performance-oriented, their main goal is good sound,” is how Erzetič presented his headphones and sound amplifiers. The interest for the headphones is big and despite the prices that they’re reaching, he has also sold some of them, mostly to Russia.

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