Sunnybag: solar backpack from Graz that can wirelessly charge smartphones

Thursday, January 10, 2019
Since 2010 Stefan Ponsold and his company Sunnybag have been highly active in crowdfunding campaigns. In September 2018 they went at it again with the "Sunnybag Iconic". The Graz startup launched a new solar backpack, which offers a whole range of exciting functions for transporting and charging tech gadgets such as laptops, tablets, drones or smartphones.

Charging by Qi standard

Probably the most exciting feature is the secret pocket for your smartphone inside the backpack, where it can be charged wirelessly. More and more smartphones (eg the top models from Apple, Samsung or Huawei) support wireless charging via the Qi standard. In case of the backpack the power used is solar. According to the manufacturer, the battery integrated into the backpack enables you to charge an iPhone 8 four or a Samsung Galaxy S8 five times. How long a full charge lasts, is not specified - but tests have shown that it takes a little longer than with a regular power outlet.

The Sunnybag Iconic with a compartment for the perfect charging of smartphones. Photos: © Sunnybag

Kickstarter goal achieved

The Kickstarter campaign was a success, reaching the goal of 15.000 EUR in matter of days and finishing with a grad total of 24.000 EUR. The first backers already received their backpacks and anyone interested can order their own on their webpage. The market has some similar options, but Ponsold estimates their solution will prevail due to its quality and power: 7W strong solar cells on the back and (for a surcharge of 30 €) a 10.000mAh strong power pack. In addition to the function of wireless charging they want to stand out above the others with a powerful battery, which is stronger than their competitors. The energy storage has "Omnidirectional Power Flow", a technology which allows simultaneous charging and discharging. According to Sunnybag solar energy collected from the solar panel should be able to flow directly to the smartphone.

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