Do you know the golden rules on how to enter Austrian market?

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Would you like to enter Austrian market but don't know how to start? Would you like to know which selling stategy works in Austria? What are the most common mistakes in searching new customers and what are the costs of external consultants?
Apply for this useful webinar »The golden rules of entering Austrian market – examples from the practice« which will be held on 14th May 2019 at 3 pm for approximately 1 hour.
This webinar about Austrian market potentials will cover mostly practical examples and will provide you with practical information:
  • what are the main characteristics of doing business in Austria and entering Austrian market
  • most often mistakes companies make,
  • possible ways of searching new customers,
  • costs of entering the market.
The webinar will be held in Slovene language with Jernej Dvoršak and Mag. Miran Breznik.
To attend webinar you need to apply here.