A portable solution for detecting gluten

Thursday, October 25, 2018
Luka Nikolič started flirting with entrepreneurship at only 16, when he got the idea for a portable device that would detect gluten in food - GlukagenThe founder of the project, Luka Nikolić, student at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology in Ljubljana, has been fighting celiac disease since he was 14. Because meals in restaurants and declarations on products aren’t always reliable about the content of gluten, Luka got the idea for a pocket device which would detect it. He was offered business help by Nejc Konjevič from Nejko, while companies Katapult, a business accelerator, and Dewesoft, also collaborating with NASA, helped him with his entrance to the market. 
After forming the team and making a prototype plan, they started looking for an investor. The school center Postojna enabled them to purchase prototype components, but they also established connections with the Business Incubator Perspektiva Postojna. With help of Zavod 404, Luka and a student of electrical engineering, Jure Potočnik, started making the electronic part of the device. For the lab work they connected with Biosistemika, who are currently helping developing the final part of the prototype. It was recognized as the best project at last year’s Startup weekend in Celje. Public agency Spirit Slovenia also declared it to be one of the three most promising business ideas of young people in the year 2017. Glukagen is expected to be launched on the market in 2020.

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(c) Photos: Jana Gombač