Call for talents - Start:up Alpe Adria Open Call for Entrepreneurial talents

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Call for talents


Start:up Alpe Adria Open Call for Entrepreneurial talents

Do you have an innovative idea and are in the process of starting up a company? Do you need help developing your product, prototypes or testing your business model? Do you have another challenge where you would need help? If your answer is yes, then we would like to invite you to join us in the Start-up AA program, where we'll help you bring your idea a step further to a successful startup.
We will select and support 10 of the best individuals or teams with innovative business ideas.

What will you get?

  • 8 hours of individual consulting from two dedicated expert consultants, one from Slovenia and one from Austria,
  • Voucher in the value of 1.000€, which you can use for developing and testing your prototype, consulting, mentoring, office space rental and equipment rental from service providers from Start-up Alpe Adria program area*,** 
  • Up to 20 hours support from Startup AA project team, to provide you with: promotional support through Start:up Alpe Adria platform, support at finding new team members from Slovenia and Austria, networking support and help at finding potential investors and other cross border stakeholders of the startup ecosystem.

How will we help you?

Dedicated consultants from Slovenia:
Aleš Zorc, business consultant
Venture Factory
David Belovič, business consultant
Venture Factory
More to be announced soon! 

Dedicated consultants from Austria: 
  • Jürgen Kopeinig
    Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds
    Martin Krch
    Lakeside Science Technology Park
    More to be announced soon! 

Who can apply?

Application is open for:
  • individuals or teams, who have the desire to establish a new startup company, which will be based on an innovative  product, service or business model and that is in the idea or development phase.
  • the core team or individual has to be located in the Start-up Alpe Adria program area.*
The program area consists of the following 17 regions in the partner countries Slovenia and Austria:
Slovenia: Gorenjska, Koroška, Savinjska, Podravska, Pomurska, Osrednjeslovenska, Goriška, Zasavska
Austria: Oststeiermark, West- and Südsteiermark, Graz, Östliche Obersteiermark, Westliche Obersteiermark, Unterkärnten, Klagenfurt-Villach, Oberkärnten, Südburgenland
**The service provider must be included in the Start:up Alpe-Adria Resource Container.

How to apply?

The application form includes sections on your demographic information, yours and your teams competency and motivation, description of the problem area and solution proposal as well as your needs and wants from the programme.
You can submit your idea proposal HERE

Evaluation criteria for the selection of the 10 entrepreneurial talents

  • Quality of the problem description (Problem relevance for the target audience)
  • Quality of proposed solution, which is in its development and testing phase
  • Problem-solution fit score
  •  Team competency

Who will evaluate your idea?

Ideas will be evaluated according to the above mentioned criteria where 10 talents or teams with the highest score will be selected (5 will be selected from Slovenian region and 5 from Austrian region)
  • Aleš Zorc (Venture Factory)
  • David Belovič (Venture Factory)
  • Vera Nunić (Technology Park Ljubljana)
  • Aleš Pevc (Technology Park Ljubljana)
  • Martin Krch (Lakeside Science Technology Park)
  • Jürgen Kopeinig (Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungs Fonds)

Program timeline:

  • Meet us at Startup AA roadshow (WP COMMUNICATION) Slovenija
  1. Maribor, ________
  2. Ljubljana, 18/19 September 2019
  3. Celje, __________
  4. Velenje, ________ 
  • Meet us at Startup AA roadshow (WP COMMUNICATION) Austria
  1. Klagenfurt, ___________
  2. Villach, ______________
  3. Graz, ________________
  4. xxx
  • Open Call for talents start date; 16. September 2019
  • Open Call for talents deadline; 21. October 2019
  • Publication of the Results; 25. October 2019
  • Talent networking event with two SMEs in Klagenfurt; 7. November 2019 / suggestion
  • Mentoring from talents advisors from Slovenia and Austria; 7. November - 31. December 2019
  • Voucher usage timeline; 7. November - 31. December 2019
  • Final talent networking event with two SMEs in Ljubljana; 15. January 2020
  • Advisory and informational support to the selected talents and teams from the organizational team with the focus on promotion and networking; 7. November - 29. February 2020
Selected talents and teams will have the opportunity to meet and network with 2 successful SME companies, with featured company from Slovenia Mali Junaki and a featured company from Austria Usound.

Featured potential service providers from Startup AA Resource container:

  • [KLAGENFURT] xxx
  • [VILLACH] xxx
  • [GRAZ] xxx
Support team from Slovenia:  
Support team from Austria: