The ‘super-group’ startup: 3 Graz Startups merge

Monday, December 3, 2018

The three Styrian startups LAWIF (Look Around What I Found), TeLLers and KUBO merged and the three related apps will become part of the portfolio of the newly founded ITELL.SOLUTIONS. The three different Styrian startups LAWIF (Look Around What I Found), TeLLers and KUBO were launched with different concepts, but they all have a relationship to retail. The three companies merged to unify their functions under the umbrella brand ITELL.SOLUTIONS in a common app. "In our eyes the merger was the only logical step. It made more sense to merge powers than to compete - for us and especially for our customers and users," said LAWIF founder Matea Acimovic.

Three apps become three functions of an app

LAWIF has started with the aim to revive city centers. With the help of a self-filling platform and user-generated content, the aims to bring people back to the cities for shopping. TeLLers is an anonymous feedback tool that allows users via a web app to communicate their opinion quickly, easily and bureaucratically, such as in the hospitality industry, at events or in a store. KUBO is a system for customer retention in which the customer receives points in the app for every purchase. The other two services will now be integrated into the LAWIF app. The functions can be adapted as individual modules to individual customer requirements.

Three founders as ITELL.SOLUTIONS-Managing Partner

The founders of the three startups have been friends for years and in the new structure, the three founders David Prott, Matea Acimovic and Dominik Hütter act as Managing Partners. They now have different areas of responsibility, matching their specialities. For example, Prott focuses on financing, Acimovic on marketing, and Hütter on sales. For this purpose, they now operate a joint office in Graz.

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