SportyCo: setting out to become the Kickstarter of sports

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
SportyCo is the world's first mass-financing platform based on blockchain in the field of sports. It was founded by Marko Filej together with Simon Žgavec, as the next step after the successful launch of the platforms for recreational athletes Trainers4Me and OnlineGym4Me. With the support of big names from the world of sports such as Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, Peter Prevc, Noriaki Kasai and Primoz Brezec, they have the opportunity to become the Kickstarter of sports, said Žgavec.

"Blockchain brings a lot of new elements. At the moment nobody is aware of all the possibilities of its use. It is an open and transparent way of recording transactions that enables traceability and complete transparency. The SportyCo platform will be based on the Ethereum platform, and will also benefit from the use of smart contracts, which are particularly suitable for the field of mass financing," says Žgavec about the reasons for setting the foundations of the company in the crypto world. He added that the added value of SportyCo to the sports industry, ensured by the blockchain technology, is virtually unlimited, due to predetermined conditions and complete decentralization.

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