Startup eyeson reached 3 mio downloads

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
The Graz startup eyeson that has developed a mobile video collaboration tool that allows teams to collaborate in video meetings has now announced that the app has about three million downloads.
Huge success in only 7 months
At the end of last year the startup started an investment of three million euros for the further scaling of its group video call solution. At this time, eyeson recorded around 1.5 million app downloads. As the startup has now announced, this number has been doubled in just seven months to three million downloads.
Great solution
The cloud software is based on a so-called single-stream technology to ensure a smooth video team collaboration with constant bandwidth regardless of the number of participants. Additionally, the solution is now integrated into numerous collaboration tools such as Slack, Trello, Jira, Freshdesk, Talkdesk, Zendesk, as well as YouTube and Facebook. For B2B customers, the startup offers its own API, which is ideal for the collaborative online gaming market.
Targeting 10 million app installations globally
The eyeson’s app is already used in more than 100 countries all over the world. Their main markets are India, Turkey, Mexico and the USA. And now, the startup is increasingly focusing on the Latin American market for further growth because of good results and potential. As a next goal, the startup has set ten million app installations.

Great B2B upselling potential
Andreas Kröpfl, CEO and Co-Founder, explains: "Mobile video collaboration is becoming more and more important, teams want to use their familiar software work environment and spontaneously switch to video meetings. This is exactly what eyeson offers: easy access without installation, anytime, using mobile and desktop in all browsers. We are especially happy about the numerous corporate users. Here we see great B2B upselling potential."
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Photo: (c) eyeson GmbH