Startup Crawl: Doors open day in Slovene startup and tech companies

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Startup Crawl, organized by and Internetweek, is a doors open day, when Slovene startup and tech companies present themselves to the local and international community. The event enables the public a quick insight into the culture and work of startups and tech companies, who have set themselves apart from ‘traditional’ companies in the way they establish work processes, business habits and networking approaches. Startup Crawl is a wonderful opportunity to meet your startup superheroes, find new work opportunities, network, feel the company culture and meet the teams of Slovenia's top tech players. Applications for visits in various locations are open.

Tech experts wanted!  

The year 2017 saw a record in the number of acquired investments, almost doubling since the previous year to a whopping 140 million. The majority of the acquired funds is dedicated to new work forces, specifically tech experts, who build technological solutions. This was obvious in the offers for employment, where the tech field was dominating this past year. Another trend is setting up offices abroad, in London, New York, San Francisco ect., while the tech ‘base’ remains in Slovenia. Employers are putting an effort to emphasise a good working environment, competitive payment and extra goodies. The work culture in startups and tech companies is notoriously different from those in established corporate environments. It encourages innovative thinking, offers high quality work environment, a relaxed and open work culture, creative office spaces and professional growth.  

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The Startup Crawl Doors open day will take place on Friday, 11 January 2019 in various locations in Ljubljana, Kranj, Celje, Ptuj, Koper and ─îrnomelj. The host companies are: Agiledrop, Cleanshelf, Cytora, D.Labs, Databox, Digital School, Doctrina, Eighteenplus, Ektimo, Eurosender, Fareboom, FirstBlood, Flexkeeping, GewdGame, Infinum, Intera, Lake, Mediately, MESI, MoneyRebel, Qlector, Razum, Sportradar, Toshl, Viar, Visionect and Zemanta. Participating partners from the support enviroment are ABC Accelerator, Inkubator savinjske regije, Ljubljanski univerzitetni inkubator - LUI, RIC Bela krajina – Podjetniški inkubator and Ustvarjalnik.


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