How to enter DACH markets?

Thursday, April 23, 2020
"DACH markets are one of the hardest markets to sell. If you want to enter these markets, it's really important you have a company in each target country," adviced Nina Dremelj on online workshop in Start:up Alpe Adria acceleration programme for growth phase startups in the beginning of April.
Nina, who has many experience on these markets equipped our selected startups with many useful advice about how to enter these markets and where to pay special attention.

Some of Nina's advice

  • If you want to enter Austrian market, follow this basic rule. First enter Germany and then go from there to Austria. Or enter Switzerland and then go from there to Austria. Never go first to Austria.
  • If you want to enter DACH markets (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), it is really important you have a company and bank account in each target country. It's important that you operate in each country. 
  • Buyers from DACH countries are specific and really heavy. Therefore, you need to have really good customer care and a native speaker for communication with customers. And have native speaker for sales as well.
  • It is important that texts you use for communication on these markets are translated to local language.
  • DACH markets are very expensive, therefore it will take you a lot of efforts to succeed. And a good marketing strategy is a must. Use strategy focus oriented model. Don't go on all channels that are available. Otherwise you will run out of money. First choose one channel and when you have results from the first channel (either positive or negative) then go on the other one. If you combine 2 channels, combine them wisely. If you are doing digital, chose one digital channel and combine it with one channel on field. This is something that is working.
  • Austrian market is not so digital oriented, therefore just doing online sales is not enough.
  • In Austria, GDPR compliance needs to be prepared by legal company. You cannot just copy text from other company. You need to have invoice for this service from legal company.
Thank you Nina for interesting workshop full of useful advice.