Develop your business and entrepreneurial skills with free online courses

Thursday, August 29, 2019
Growing startup is not an easy task. Do you need new business and entrepreneurial skills to be more successful? Are you seeking for upgrading your knowledge? Take this great opportunity to improve your knowledge and browse online courses that have been selected by project My-Gateway and Universidade Nova de Lisboa for you and your startup. To make growth of your startup easier!
According to Aneesh Zutshi, a professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, there are simply too many different contents available for entrepreneurs, therefore, entrepreneurs spend too much time searching for quality content. And the quality selection of online courses solves that and saves you precious time. The courses have been reviewed by the university team and they have selected only the best of them and offered them structured in eight different categories. Within each category you will find plenty of different online courses ranging from free and open online platforms such as YouTube, Coursera and edX. For some courses, in case you want to have a valid certificate, you may have to pay.
The selected online courses are covering all topics from idea development, technology and innovation, business development, digital marketing, product development, growth to  finance and others… They will help you develop your skills each entrepreneur needs for managing business. Even though not all the selected courses are free of charge, they are key learning tools to grow and scale up your business.
Check out the online courses!