Meo Easy Energy: Graz solution for energy self-sufficiency

Monday, March 5, 2018
At the Urban Future Global Conference in Vienna the Graz startup meo Energy launched its product "meo Easy Energy" - a complete solution for energy prosumers.

More and more people are trying to take at least a part of their energy supply into their own hands. Those using their own photovoltaic systems and the like are called "prosumers". For this growing group, the Graz startup meo Energy is offering the optimal solution - "meo Easy Energy", which was launched at the Urban Future Global Conference in Vienna. They are the only one-stop provider in the planning, execution and operation of the entire energy system of rental and single-family homes, providing them with heat and electricity. Last november they received a low seven-digit investment eQventure, AWS Gründerfonds and cfo Management. 

Reduce energy consumption in buildings by at least 20 percent
"There are now some service providers in the field of electricity and some in thermal efficiency. We connect the two areas along with e-mobility," said Peter Käfer, founder of meo Energy, a few months ago. With the release of the "meo Easy Energy”, he said: "In the first step, we use digital solutions to reduce the energy consumption in buildings by at least 20 percent and to use renewable energy sources in a highly efficient manner. Through this autonomous complete supply, the energy efficiency is successfully reached and the real estate value is increased. 

"Meo BOX" as the centerpiece of "meo Easy Energy" 
"meo BOX" is the central control unit which links all energy sources and consumers such as heating, hot water, air conditioning and electric car charging stations and optimizes them according to time and weather conditions. As a result, the self-consumption share of solar power can be easily and effectively increased. Intelligently controlled electricity storage ensures that renewable energy is available even during periods of bad weather and during the night.

Vision for the future
Käfer sees a coming change in the energy industry that will benefit meo Energy. "Digitalisation is creating completely new ways in which buildings and their households can be supplied with fundamentally different energy sources today. We work on the energy autonomy of real estate and communities, the intelligent energy exchange between neighboring families and the regional decoupling of traditional main energy lines".

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