BTC City and Eligma on a journey towards advanced online shopping

Monday, March 5, 2018
Eligma, in collaboration with BTC, is developing an online platform that will simplify and optimize online shopping. As the cofounder of Eligma d.o.o., company BTC has backed a group of young experts who are developing a new online platform called ELIGMA, whose main goal is to use artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to enable users a safe, transparent and modern way of shopping. It is supposed to come into use at the end of 2018, and the development group is announcing that crypto-tokens will be issued on 17 April 2018.

The platform development will take place in several stages. The testing stage will start this April in BTC CITY Ljubljana with a so-called online marketplace, and should last until September 2018. During this time, test users and test online traders will already be active on the platform, and will be able to obtain or offer information on products in the area of BTC City. Besides traditional means of payment, purchase will also be possible with chosen crypto-currencies.

In the second stage (expected to start at the end of 2018), the platform will exploit artificial intelligence to enable personalized shopping with a virtual assistant. Through a mobile wallet, the consumers will be privy to a unified loyalty programme and will be able to carry out all purchases in a simple and effective way. Consequently, they will not waste any more precious time visiting different online stores, comparing prices, terms of purchase, and product specifications. All this will be done for them by Eligma,” explains the BTC company.

All products bought through Eligma will be noted down in the platform in the personal list of the user’s own possessions. “This way, the user will always know how much an individual product is worth. By comparing values on the market, the platform will also give advice on when the product has reached the age at which it makes sense to sell it through Eligma, on the online market of used products.”

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