PODIM Challenge 2019 winner is AdScanner

Friday, May 24, 2019
At PODIM Conference PODIM Challenge 2019 Finals took place. Among 5 finalists that were pitching in front of business angels and VC funds representatives, AdScaner won this pitching competition with a special prize for the best startups.

Among all startups from the European Alps-Adriatic and Western Balkans regions that applied for PODIM Challenge a special PODIM jury selected 150+ most promising startups from the region. And among them, startup jury selected 20 PODIM Challenge semi-finalists, who were pitching 1 day before the PODIM Conference, on 20th May and tried to win one of 5 spots in the PODIM Challenge finals.

At PODIM Challenge 2019 finals 5 finalists were pitching in front of business angels and VC funds representatives: AdScanner, helloCash, Hopalai (Kobi), Movalyse  and Soplaya. And AdScanner from Croatia won this special award. Congratulations!

Congratulations to the winner and all the finalists!

And the winning team received a SPECIAL PRIZE:

  • one-week all-inclusive business & networking trip to one of the global startup hubs
  • one year FREE office space for 6 members of the team in TMRW, south London's No1 tech workspace.

And who is AdScanner?
AdScanner offers a TV DMP solution for data-driven TV advertising and control in order to help optimize their clients’ TV strategies, stay on top of their competitors’ activities and deliver a higher degree of transparency and speed overall in the TV ad ecosystem. They have developed a proprietary video recognition for the automated detection and analysis of TV ads and content. They integrate all identified ads and metadata in our user-friendly Cockpit dashboard, coupled with next-generation audience measurement data from our partnerships with international Telcos / IPTV providers. This enables them to give unique quantitative and qualitative insights into the performances of TV campaigns and TV content — on a second-by-second basis. Find out more about AdScanner here.

Good luck to the winner and all the finalists!