Collaboration between Movalyse and insurance company brought innovative solution

Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Just before this year's main motorcycle season has been launched innovative Vigo insurance for motorcyclists which was developed in cooperation between Slovenian company Movalyse and one the largest insurance companies in the region Zavarovalnica Sava. This is showing that collaboration between startups and corporations can bring entrepreneurship to a higher level.
Cooperation between Movalyse and insurance company Zavarovalnica Sava started in 2017 at Insurtech innovation weekend at Tovarna podjemov in Maribor where they were looking for a solution that would prevent motorcycle thefts and at the same time provide cheaper insurance against thefts.
The Slovenian company Movalyse which is developing intelligent solutions to improve motorcyclists road safety, has just presented a brand new device for protecting motorcycles against thefts. The system works completed the development and tested a brand new device for protecting motorcycles against thefts.
The thefts of motorcycles are a very big problem as more than 75 % of stolen motorcycles in Slovenia never return to their owners. The company's aim is to improve these numbers to all users of Vigo insurance.
How they came to the solution?
In 2018, a pilot project was carried out, in which 300 motorcyclists were equipped with the system free of charge. With their help the company further optimized the operation and obtained all the necessary feedback for the preparation of the final product. Within the project, motorists made more than 418,000 kilometers in Slovenia and abroad.
And for users of this product, Zavarovalnica Sava can provide full insurance in case of theft which hasn't been possible so far.
What does this solution offer?
It provides complete control over the motorcycle. Using the app it enables the owner to see the situation and location of motorcycle in every moment and in case of theft the owner receives a message. Additionally, it offers some advanced functions, such as activating SOS call in case of accident and giving the users opportunity to learn and to improve their driving by analysing their driving.
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Photo: Vigo