Carinthia University of Applied Sciences - Gründergaragen


Who are we?

The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences stands for a broad anchoring of entrepreneurial thinking in the study. Great importance is attached to the identification and qualification of potential founders, idea scouting and networking with entrepreneurial personalities. The further development of ideas and comprehensive accompaniment of founders is supported by the provision of infrastructure.

Which phases of Start-ups do we support?

  • Business idea
  • Seed/ Start-ups

Start-ups from which industries are we servicing?

Start-up developments have applications in all industry fields such as:
  • Business and Productivity
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Life Science and Agriculture
  • Lifestyle and Entertainment
  • Materials and Manufacturing
  • Mobility and Transportation
  • Other industries
The focus of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences is mainly driven by the research and development foci from the professors, because there is the competence and the ability to force start-up projects into the right direction.

What kind of services do we offer?

If you are an entrepreneur and are thinking about starting your own business we can help you at the startup program of the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. We focus on founding personalities and support budding entrepreneurs on their way to self- employment with personal coaching, start-up workshops and start-up events. A core team of experts from the field of innovation management and company formation will be at your side to answer specific questions about the start-up project and to speak confidentially about your idea. In addition, professors and researchers from the fields of technology, economics, construction & architecture as well as health & social issues can be consulted for specific questions in order to advance your start-up project in the best possible way.

We provide you with input on all relevant topics related to the successful start of a company and address your individual questions and problems related to your start-up project. You should never feel left alone in the start-up process and always have a contact and know what the next steps are. The best thing about the start-up offer is that all services are completely free of charge for you.

In addition to the personal support provided by the Start UP Coaches, the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences has well-equipped infrastructure that can purposefully support founders, especially in the early stages of the start-up process. Idea and trend workshops as well as creative processes and activities can take place in the innovation workshop Carinthia developed by us. In addition, the ideas and concepts developed there can be realized with our prototyping workshop, the CNC machining center and other laboratories. A detailed listing of our services can be found on our webpage.

As a regional University, the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences is member of the StartNet Carinthia and Start:up Alpe-Adria initiatives and provide services via its partner network and the local business incubator build.

Business know-how
  • We help you develop the idea in a common way with support of specific expertise out of research and development projects, also connected to the industry.
Innovating & Intellectual property
  • Especially for technology-oriented startups and their product innovations, prototype construction is of great importance. This often results in the need for space and office infrastructure and small workshop accessories to assemble models, prototypes, keep them safe and protect them from premature release.
  • Expertise in innovation processes support the development of your idea. Know-how regarding IRP is sufficiently available at the University.
Networking & matchmaking
  • Acceleration Workshops
  • Involving testimonials
  • Work together with institutions providing support to start-ups
  • Hold a network regarding corporates dealing with the cooperation potential between start- ups and established companies
  • Partner in a vital start-up community

The “Gründergaragen” consist of three containers. These containers enable young start-up companies to conduct research in all secrecy and to develop prototypes. The containers are connected to laboratories and workshops. The promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship is an important contribution to strengthen and develop the business location Carinthia. The direct connection of the founders' garages (“Gründergaragen”) to existing facilities such as the Innovation Workshop and the Smart-Labs completes the Innovation Hub and campus Villach. Thus creates the necessary infrastructure to specifically unite high-school know-how, research, development and companies. The “Gründergaragen” allow students, graduates and start-up companies in Carinthia to assemble prototypes and conduct test series while maintaining secrecy. The protection against publication is of existential importance for a possible application of intellectual property rights.

What is our vision?

The Carinthia University of Applied Sciences stands for a broad anchoring of entrepreneurial thinking in the study. Great importance is attached to the identification and qualification of potential founders, idea scouting and networking with entrepreneurial personalities. Our mission is to assist students, entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies developing creative ideas to solve current societal, technological and economic challenges.

How can you contact us?

In case of interest, please refer your questions to Michael Roth,



Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Europastraße 4, 9524 Villach