An advanced full-motion driving simulator for ultimate driving experience
Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Road accidents are the main cause of death among population between 15 and 29 years, and cause up to €4,600 billion per year of global damages, with €100 billion in insurance claims only in Europe. To ensure state of the art simulation and training for the unexpected, NERVteh developed an advanced full-motion driving simulator. Fully adjustable and cleverly designed, their patented motion platform allows enhanced vertical movement, offering a true-to-life experience of different terrains, surface conditions, and vehicle suspensions.

The grim road statistics
Over 1.2 million people die each year on the world’s roads, with millions more sustaining serious injuries and living with long-term adverse health consequences. 90% of these accidents are caused by drivers’ incorrect behaviors such as speeding, distractions, influence of alcohol or other substances, etc. Critical situations and exceptions have been a hard challenge in road safety technologies as they are impossible to fully replicate in real-life scenarios. This drove the use of simulated environments in automotive, naval, train, military and aerospace industry with great success.

Preparing for the unexpected
NERVteh simulator is perfect tool to study the persons responses and reactions in a situation safely and measure human factor response, reactions and perception while they happen. Even better, NERVteh is by far smallest realistic simulator able to collect vast amounts of drivers’ data around the world, analyzed by an elaborate AI and machine learning technologies that can effectively fit the missing pulse of human intuition into computer based intelligence. The drivers of the simulator can fully immerse themselves in the experience of driving in virtual reality, which helps collect reliable biometric measurements that help drivers improve his driving.

Learn from (safe) experiences
Simulator includes both software and hardware. Hardware components include real car and mobility platform that offers the complete realistic driving experience. The main objective of the software is to collect statistical measurements of the virtual driver, accurately determining their weaknesses and then properly train them until the shortcomings are eliminated. With the help of advanced neurological profiling, it collects driver’s neurological and biometric data. A thorough analysis of this data helps drivers to improve in situations where they reacted poorly. The driving simulator will be established as a complete educational tool that simulates a real car and realistic road environment, helps improving driving safety and is reducing the number of road traffic accidents.


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NERVteh technology impressed at NAIAS, one of the most influential international car fairs!