Daibau / MojMojster / Emajstor for all your 'handyman' needs
Monday, August 27, 2018
Daibau (Mojmojster in Slovenia, Emajstor in Croatia) is a leading regional platform for gathering all players in the construction industry, led by Slovene company Eforma.  On a single page, individuals can communicate with various providers, compare offers and submit the order to the best person, based on the collected opinions, benefits and reference projects of individual providers.
DaiBau connects investors with appropriate and available contractors and other professionals in the construction industry. Their solution saves time and reduces the risk for individuals, companies, and institutions as well as provides a constant flow of business opportunities for contractor firms. They are becoming the leading regional construction platform, providing services for contractor firms.


Reliable contractors and easy demand preparation

Subscribers of small and large construction projects MojMojster system by using free tools on the Internet and a network of reliable contractors enables to easily prepare demand, inventory, rapid acquisition and comparison of tenders, together with the references of contractors. The main objective of the project for the client is a less expensive, faster service without implementation risks. The portal enables performers and craftsmen efficient acquisition transaction, affordable self-presentation online, market oversight of construction projects, simply writing offers and connecting with partners.

Disrupting the construction industry

Alongside with leads, they also offer a job marketplace and lite CRM tools. DaiBau cooperates with more than 19,000 contractors and has helped with over 60,000 projects. They are present in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia, tripling their traffic every year with the goal of expanding in the whole region by the end of 2020. The vision is to become a disrupting player in the conservative construction industry and a leading partner for all subjects in the real-estate value chain.
Daibau experienced diverse team:



EFORMA d.o.o., Ulica škofa Maksimilijana Držečnika 6, 2000 Maribor
Webpage: https://www.daibau.at/, https://www.mojmojster.net/, https://www.emajstor.hr/
CEO: Martin Pelcl


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