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Thursday, February 22, 2018
VIAR is Slovenian startup, which produces custom printed (branded) VR Cardboard goggles and develops VIAR360, a Cloud-Based Content Management System for Virtual Reality that can deliver VR content via the web.


A teacher, a journalist, or a corporate learning coach … people in these multi-billion dollar industries see an enormous potential in virtual reality, but for 98% of them creating engaging interactive VR content is just too complex. Viar360 is the most intuitive white label publishing platform that reduces the time, effort and knowledge required to create highly engaging interactive virtual reality experiences from 360 videos and photos. It allows non-technical users to create interactive stories and publish them to their own existing mobile apps, websites, or social platforms. Once published, Viar’s built-in analytics track usage & user behavior.
Viar360 is being used by some of the top US universities, agencies, and corporations. VIAR has 3 co-founders and is powered by a team of 9 employees. The team has deep knowledge about the VR & AR industry and decades of experience in technical development and computer graphics. Together they grew VIAR from a small office in Celje to an international business with clients all around the globe Their products are being used by companies like Disney, Microsoft, Samsung, or Bosch from USA to New Zealand.

The Startup Of The Year 2017

Viar | Slovenian Startup of the Year 2017 from SAMINO on Vimeo.



VIAR d.o.o., Jenkova 13, 3000 Celje


VIAR: the Celje startup that convinced global corporations