Watch your kids learn about money through completing chores and working towards goals
Monday, February 12, 2018
Kids participating in household chores and the connected calculation of allowances and rewards are a frequent cause of dispute between parents and children. New generations are difficult to motivate with paper lists. That's why the solution is the mobile app Homey, gamifying the process and making it fun. Homey motivates kids to participate and allows parents to simply reward and give allowance depending on the child’s behavior and completed chores. 

Kids, let's play a game!

Homey is an application for families that aren’t happy using paper lists on the wall, sticky notes for organizing and determining household chores, and the connected allowances and rewards. Kids are increasingly used to using mobile devices, so they are difficult to reach and motivate with paper lists. The Homey app is fun, encouraging and social. The app gamifies household chores for the entire family, not only for kids, because the chores are connected to rewards. Parents can set rewards as desired, for example a mobile game for kids, movie from the internet, tokens for mobile games that the children play, allowance, or a product from an online store. Typical users are bigger families, usually with three children and mothers who are active on social networks and stay at home. They have traditional family values that children should actively participate in the household, meaning that they spend more time on organizing household chores.

Making chores and rewarding fair and easy

Most of their users solve the problem with paper lists on the wall, but these take a lot of time for weekly maintenance, verification whether the chores were really done, and paying out the suitable allowance and rewards. There are a few similar apps on the market, but they only offer partial solutions, be it organizing time or managing allowances, there is no solution that would combine both elements.
The key competitive advantages of the Homey app are:
  • a team that knows gamification and development of mobile apps for kids,
  • weak competition, mostly in the US, where their focus is,
  • they created a network of 500 families that work as their supporters free of charge,
  • location: they are in the accelerator Start Co in Memphis, which is in the heart of their users.


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Sašo Pompe, CEO