Nuki Home Solutions

The Nuki Box turns your intercom system into a smart door lock.
Thursday, January 11, 2018
It really is annoying when you come to your home door and can't find your keys or you have your hands full of groceries. Or your handyman came by to fix your washing machine, but you're not at home yet. Wouldn't it be nice, if you could manage the activity on your front door from your phone? The Austrian startup Nuki Home Solutions developed the Nuki Smart Lock, which turns a smartphone into a smart key in less than five minutes and the Nuki Box, a system which allows the operation of electronically controlled entrance doors. 

Tired of looking for your keys?
The startup Nuki Home Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of smart access solutions in Europe. They aim to make access controls smarter and physical keys irrelevant. They believe in the power of mobile technology innovations and using them to facilitate our daily lives. The company’s first product was the Nuki Smart Lock, which turns a smartphone into a smart key in less than five minutes. The Smart Lock is designed as a retrofit solution and mounted on the inside of the existing door lock and is Europe’s first Bluetooth Smart Lock with permanent Internet access. By using Bluetooth Low Energy, the Nuki Smart Lock opens the entrance door automatically as soon as an authorized person approaches, and closes the door at the push of a button when you leave the building. You can manage who has access to open the door and at what time. You can also check on your children if they got home from school on time. 

Nuki Box and conquering the Western European market
Last September they presented their new product, the Nuki Box, at the IFA electronics trade fair in Berlin. It is easily integrated into existing door opening systems, invisibly retrofitted behind the panel of the intercom and allows the operation of electronically controlled entrance doors. After Austria and Germany, this past year they successfully entered the Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg market, France, Switzerland and the UK. Nuki already has over 20,000 satisfied customers, that are using the system. 



Nuki Home Solutions GmbH, Münzgrabenstraße 92/4, 8010 Graz, Austria
Martin Pansy, CEO