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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
SmartPA’s product started its journey as a big-data search engine of business contacts that swapped the time-consuming manual search of business contacts over search engines with an automated and quick way to find contact information of key staff, arranged by title, company, industry, and country. Positive reactions from the market, new partnership connections, and a new investment enabled the company to pivot into being the leading provider of digital business information in the region and further, becoming a one-stop shop where clients can obtain information about companies from 200 countries across the world, about people in these companies, and about their creditworthiness ratings. 

Saving time for salespeople

A salesperson in a company has to send at least 30 emails, call at least 20 people over the phone, and arrange at least five meetings every day if they wish to be successful and reach the set sales goals. In reality, salespeople spend most of their time preparing information on the companies, identifying the right people to talk to, and looking for their contact information. The key problem is the fact that salespeople use inefficient B2B sales tools such as LinkedIn, Google AdWords, email marketing or cold calls, which have very bad conversion rates and high costs of obtaining new customers. 

Finding new leads and potential cutomers 

The service package of significantly facilitates the process of finding new customers for salespeople, as it offers a collection of products with which the salesperson can quickly obtain quality information about companies and their employees, consequently improving conversion rates for twenty times and decreasing the costs of their sales activities for up to a hundred times. 
The business contacts search engine is intended for small and medium-sized companies with a small sales team. The search engine enables one to quickly and effectively find information on companies and people in the company, sorted by position, industry, and country in practically all countries across the world. The search engine employs a SaaS business model with an annual subscription that costs between 400 and 2,000 EUR. Custom databases are intended for big companies, where salespeople do not wish to waste time preparing data. The sales department in bigger companies orders the service over the phone or email, and within 3-5 working days, they get the database into their inbox. The pricing model starts at 400 EUR and up to a couple of 1,000 EUR per database. Firehose API is their newest product, intended for sales and marketing automation agencies, and CRM manufacturers that can subscribe to bigger amounts of data. The price per datum is from 0.04 EUR on. They round up their service offer with so-called prospecting, where they prepare databases of business contacts for the client, carry out email marketing activities, and offer call center services in more than 10 different languages.  

A 21st century upgrade on the 'prehistoric' excel spreadsheet

Companies usually solve the described problems by hiring students who first find information on LinkedIn or similar professional social networks, identifying interesting companies and key people in these companies. Because this data does not include information such as the email or phone number of the company or its decision maker, students need to additionally find them online. They then manually insert all obtained information, usually into Excel sheets, which is slow and painstaking work. The search engine provides automated, fast, affordable and effective access to all important digital business contacts, which companies can immediately use in their sales and marketing processes, enabling them to achieve success rates that are up to twenty times higher. 
The key problem of the competition – which are professional networks such as LinkedIn, Xing or Viadeo – is that the salesperson needs to access all information manually. That is because these tools defend a social selling approach to sales, which is time-consuming and expensive. Online advertising channels, such as Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads etc., are passive tools because the salesperson literally waits until someone clicks on the company’s ad, which is once again time-consuming and very expensive. Additionally, the salesperson can only address their target public via the keywords that mark their market segments, while sales addresses today need to be B2H – Business to Human – and as such must include individualized business information. 


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