Fvckup Nights Ljubljana // Vol. I

Friday, May 25, 2018 19:30 - Poligon Coworking Centre, Toba─Źna ulica 5, Ljubljana
Tired of listening to perfect success stories from perfectly successful people? Tired of 'spontaneous' selfies that plague our Instagram profiles and meticulously shaped LinkedIn profiles?  While we glorify the victories, most of us try to forget the 'fuckups' as fast as we can. This may be a disservice since it's the mistakes that shape us into successful individuals. The great Albert Einstein once said, "The one who never made a mistake surely never made anything". 
Still here? Join us at the one of a kind FuckUp Event. It's organized all over the world, after 252 cities in 80 countries it's finally coming to Ljubljana.
How does it work? At the FuckUp Night Event, we encourage people to share their failure stories with us. The stories that shaped them into successful people. To the coming FuckUp event we invited 4 guests, that will share their true stories. Every guest will have 7 minutes to tell their tale, and some additional time to answer your questions.

Registration is free but obligatory since seating is limited. You can register here

You can find more information here

(Event is mainly in Slovene.)