Start:up Müsli: Why is there no room for average in the IT industry?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 19:00 - Maribor

A brutal polygon where there is no room for average

The global IT industry is more and more “brutal” from year to year, says Andraž Logar, co-founder and CEO of 3fs. Unrelenting global competition, increasing technological complexity and difficulty, and a ruthless fight for talents have transformed the IT industry into one of the most demanding industries. A good idea, dedicated team, and enthusiasm in unlimited quantities aren’t enough for you to achieve visible successes anymore. 

Conditions for success without which you shouldn’t begin

Andraž leads a group of companies that can pride itself on the most eminent global clients such as Ericsson, Nokia, Outfit7, Microsoft, and prestigious awards, including the recently obtained Apple Design Award. At Müsli, he will reveal what he thinks are the basic elements without which you definitely can’t build global stories.

From a financial assistant to complex blockchain solutions

3fs has directly or indirectly participated in many projects, each of which stood out from the average in one way or another. The best-known amongst them are the financial app Toshl, educational games Toonia, adventure mobile game Tinker Island, iOS coloring app Lake Coloring, and the blockchain project Iryo. 

3fs is opening an office in Maribor

3fs will soon also open an office in Maribor, so this Müsli is also meant for everyone who might be interested in the opportunities the group can offer.

Who is Andraž Logar?

Andraž Logar is one of the most active Slovenian startup entrepreneurs and mentors. He is the CEO and co-founder of 3fs, a company that has been successfully developing advanced solutions in the fields of internet, social networks, multimedia and games since 2005. 3fs is a development partner of Ericsson, with which they are developing new mobile and online solutions for clients from the whole world. The 3fs company has been present in the Silicon Valley and quite a few successful startup stories have come out of it, including Toshl, Toonie, TrickyTribe, and Lake. Otherwise, Andraž invests a fair amount of his business and private time, knowledge, experiences and social capital into Slovenian and international startups.

More information and registration form can be found here (the event is in Slovene).