Entrepreneurial stories from Maribor

Thursday, December 12, 2019 18:00 - Maribor
Listening to other entrepreneurial stories and learning from them is important part of entrepreneurship. Now you have opportunity to listen to two interesting entrepreneurial stories from Maribor at the entrepreneurial event: the story of Marko Židov and his brands Coffee Factory, Rooster Coffee and Rooster Lent, and Simon Sovič, an experienced startuper and co-creator of the doggo.si platform.

Who is Marko Židov?

Marko is a 27-year old Maribor citizen and founder of the brands Coffee Factory, Rooster Coffee and Rooster Lent. With the opening of the roaster and trendy café, Marko, together with a young team, brought a great refreshment to the downtown. Next year, they plan to expand the brand and open a new unit. In addition, he also manages the Styrian part of the largest tourism agency for youth tourism in Slovenia. In a relaxed conversation, he will share with us his experiences from bold entrepreneurial stories, sales tips and his views on entrepreneurship and creativity. Maybe we get some advice that can help us build a career or encourage us to take the first entrepreneurial steps ...

Who is Simon Sovič?

Simon is a startuper with 8+ years of experience in the startup world and co-founder of the doggo.si platform. In the past, he was a member of the "core team" of one of the companies that managed to raise more than € 100,000 of investment funds, as well as he also worked as a consultant in a business incubator.

Who is the event for?

The event is interesting for everyone who wants to learn from other entrepreneurs' stories, socialize with like-minded people and expand their network of contacts.

Join us at Pisarna, Vetrinjska 30 in Maribor,
maybe you get a new idea or find a new business opportunity!

Find more information and register here (in Slovenian).