Startup Müsli: How to use artificial intelligence in your business

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 19:00 - Maribor
Is your company already taking advantage of opportunities that artificial intelligence is bringing? Can you hardly imagine how can artificial intelligence help your business deliver better results, optimize business and production processes, improve customer experience and customer satisfaction?

Artificial intelligence is far from science fiction today. It is more and more present in our daily lives and is also a source of countless business opportunities, therefore it is definetely not interesting only for computer futurists.

There is hardly any area where artificial intelligence is not present. And in the future, the presence of artificial intelligence technologies will only intensify.
Do you want to take advantage of these opportunities within your company? Are you asking yourself how to introduce artificial intelligence into the business? Then you should not miss Startup Müsli in Maribor on 3rd September 2019 at 7 pm in KID Kibla where you will get to know what artificial intelligence is, how it works, and get to know from cases how it can help you in business.

This time Startup Müsli will be in English with expert for artificial intelligence, Joe Dumoulin, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Verint Intelligent Self-Service from USA, with wide range of experience, who has among others helped create some of the earliest and most widely-used commercial automated conversational applications and a number of early commercial prototypes in the conversational AI space. 

Why should you join Startup Müsli?

Come to Startup Müsli, if you want to get know:
  • the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence;
  • how can artificial intelligence help your business;
  • how can you optimize production and business processes within the company using artificial intelligence;
  • how can you improve user experience and customer satisfaction with artificial intelligence;
  • how to bring artificial intelligence into business and what to take care for.

Who is this event for?

Startup Müsli is interesting for all who:
  • would like to learn how can artificial intelligence help a company to better results;
  • don’t use artificial intelligence in business yet;
  • are interested in how to put together technologically advanced solutions that also solve very simple problems;
  • don’t know how to start the introduction of artificial intelligence into a business.
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