How to cooperate successfully with influencers

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 19:00 - Maribor
Would you like to start cooperation with influencers but don't know how? If yes, don't miss Start:up Müsli on 18th June 2019 at 7 pm at KID Kibla in Maribor, where three interesting guests will share their own experience with influencers, and with the help of the influencer you'll get to know the other side of the cooperation and the whole background of creating campaigns as well.
We live in a society that is becoming more and more "immune" to ads, and the use of ad-blockers is increasing. Therefore, influencer marketing is used by more and more companies, while facing many challenges. Some of them are: where to find an influencer, what kind of promotion of a product or service can be expected, how to set up campaigns, and measure their effectiveness.
At Start:up Müsli we will have an opportunity to meet three special guests, Klara Leben, influencer who manages Instagram profile In Bed With Klara, Rok MatjaĆŸ, experienced entrepreneur and team member of 4FUN d.o.o., and Urban Cvek, CEO at startup Influee, platform for influence marketing. They will share with us their precious experience and knowledge:
  • is influencer marketing the right sales channel for your product;
  • based on what criteria do influencers decide for cooperation;
  • how can you cooperate with influencers;
  • to what extent should you leave the influencer open hands on the content part of the campaign;
  • how to prepare a successful marketing campaign with influencers;
  • what are the prices of cooperation with influencers;
  • how to distribute the content prepared by influencer;
  • how to set cooperation with influencers and how to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign;
  • how to set metrics of success.
Find out more information here (in Slovene).