Fifteen Seconds Festival 2019

Thursday, June 6, 2019 10:30 - Graz
Are you eager to learn, grow, and explore new ways of thinking? Don't miss Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz - an immersive two-day experience, designed for those who never stop learning, and designed to create an environment to exchange ideas and push each other forward. On 6th and 7th June 2019 at Stadthalle Graz.

Fifteen Seconds unites a global community of curious minds, from students to CEOs. It’s the mindset of life-long learning and openness that allows us to gain skills and make contacts that enable us to build an exciting future. Meet the brightest minds across disciplines, learn from others’ successes and failures and improve in the area that matters most to you.

Connect with outstanding leaders and innovative companies who’d love to meet people just like you. Take a look at the attendee profiles of four festival areas to get a precise picture of whom you will meet at Fifteen Seconds Festival.

Fifteen Seconds is an international platform at the intersection of business, innovation, and creativity, calling all curious minds eager to share their knowledge, drive positive change, and shape the future. For 2019, the organizers have extended their platform by offering new areas, besides business, dedicated to science, mobility, and technology and creating even more spaces to share interdisciplinary knowledge and make new contacts. Fifteen Seconds Festival 2019 will feature the most diverse program yet, meant to inspire and engage every curious mind.

Why join the festival?
  • Learning from the best - top speakers from all over the world will share their ideas with a global community of curious minds.
  • EXPO - Designed expo area awakening the child in you: endless curiosity, the excitement for the unknown, an open mind. Get ready to experience the ultimate playground for curious minds on 15.000m2 of interactive expo area.
  • Great opportunity for networking.
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