Start:up Alpe Adria Open Call for Growth-stage Startups


An intensive 5-day acceleration programme with globally experienced mentors that will help you scale your business, reach new customers, improve your sales operations, hire the best talent and take care of the legal side of your business. 
Are you in the process of growing your startup company?
Do you need help with entering new markets, forging strategic partnerships or follow-up investment rounds?
We have prepared an intensive 5-day mentoring programm, where we will support and connect you with the right stakeholders of the Slovenian-Austrian cross-border startup ecosystem.
We will select and support up to 10 Growth Phase Startups from the Start-up Alpe Adria program area. *


What will you get?


Who can apply?


The application is open for growth-stage startups from the Start-up AA program region *, that already have revenue flows, are scaling their businesses and accessing new regional and global markets. A startup is defined by the following criteria:




Evaluation criteria for the selection of the 10 growth stage startups


Who will evaluate applications?

Ideas will be evaluated according to the above mentioned criteria where 10 startups with the highest score will be selected 




1st DAY: Kick Off workshop 

introduction of selected startups, mentors and entrepreneurs, discussion on why having a mentor from the entrepreneurial world is crucial for success

Date: 25.3.2020

Location: Klagenfurt & Livestream

Lecturer: Blaž Zupan (Optiprint d.o.o.)

2nd DAY: Leadership

  • Experience & know-how
  • how to prepare your team for growth
  • leap of thought
  • 1:1 mentoring

Date: 27.3.2020

Location: TPLJ
 & Livestream

Lecturer: Jaka Lindič & Borut Jeglič (Ujemi znanje d.o.o.)


3rd DAY: DACH markets and internationalization

  • Experience & know-how
  • Basic steps
  • Stories from different markets (AT+DE+PL+IT+Scandinavia)
  • 1:1 mentoring

Date: 1.4.2020

Location: TPLJ & Livestream

Lecturer: Nina Dremelj + HOORAY STUDIOS d.o.o. and Enikam d.o.o.

4th DAY: Sales

  • Sales
  • Preparations for entering a new market
  • 1:1 mentoring

Date: 3.4.2020

Location: TPLJ & Livestream 

Lecturer: Matt Mayfield and Protectus d.o.o. (CarLock)

5th DAY: Legal challenges of business expansion

  • 1:1 mentoring

Date: 8.4.2020

Location: TPLJ & Livestream

Lecturer: Grilc Vouk Škof odvetniki (Maria Škof)

Final networking event in Villach

 Final networking event in Villach


Date: TBD

Location: Villach

Language: EN



Program timeline:

Meet us at Startup AA roadshows:

1. Maribor: 18 February 2020 at 16:30 CLOSED

2. Velenje: 21 February 2020 at 13:00 CLOSED

3. Kranj: 5 March 2020 at 14:00 CLOSED


1. Klagenfurt: 20 February 2020 at build!
Open Call for growth-stage phase startups start date; 13 February 2020
Open Call for growth-stage phase startups deadline: 15 March 2020
Publication of the Results: 20 March 2020
Start of the 5-day programme: 25 March 2020
End of the 5-day programme: 8 April 2020
Mentoring from two startup experts from Slovenia and Austria: 25 March 2020 - 30 May 2020



*The program area consists of the following 17 regions in the partner countries Slovenia and Austria: 

Slovenia: Gorenjska, Koroška, Savinjska, Podravska, Pomurska, Osrednjeslovenska, Goriška, Zasavska

Austria: Oststeiermark, West- and Südsteiermark, Graz, Östliche Obersteiermark, Westliche Obersteiermark, Unterkärnten, Klagenfurt-Villach, Oberkärnten, Südburgenland