Adora is an innovative healthcare solution for surgeons. Company ADORA developed a touchless display that allows surgeons to have an overview of the patient’s information during surgery by using simple hand gestures and voice commands. The product helps the surgeon access data inside a sterile area and thus shortens the time of surgical procedures, decreases the doctor’s stress, saves material and sees to the patient’s safety. Their solution helps surgeons, medical experts and healthcare providers to become more efficient, reduce waiting lines and provide a safer patient's care (reduced anesthesia time, improved quality). Company makes healthcare more productive and enable doctors to focus more and only on patients. Benefits for using Adora-med solutions: reduces anaesthesia, shortens surgery, lower surgery costs, less stress for doctors, safer patient care, environmental friendly.
Company BG Boatguard is developing an energetically efficient device for long-distance vessel control that allows vessel owners to be calm and control the state of their vessel via a mobile app when they aren’t in the vicinity. BOATGUARD controls devices that are of key importance for the safety of the vessel and sends an alarm to the owner’s smartphone when they aren’t working properly. It monitors the state of the battery, the bilge water level, GPS location and the drainage pump status.
Company Lushna offers the owners of a charming natural location the possibility of redesigning it into an attractive ecotouristic destination, and guides them through the procedure from start to finish. The company offers an entire collection of unique “glamping” products and services for fast development of glamping destinations. The development of such a touristic destination can normally take up to 4 years, but the development phase has been reduced to a year or less by using the guided development principle Lushna Way.
Company NERVteh works in the field of robotics, specializing for the technology of automobile simulators, including software and hardware equipment. The hardware is made of real automobile parts and a movement platform that enables real-life driving experience to the driver. The software collects the measurement statistics of the candidate, warns about their weaknesses and suitably trains them to eliminate their driving flaws.
OriginTrail is a system for tracking milk and meat products, allowing the producers to effectively differentiate based on the origin of their products. It offers the customers the option of using a mobile or web app to access detailed information about the origin of the key ingredients. This helps the manufacturer build the trust for their own brand and clearly differentiate from competitive producers.
Safe cover
SAFE COVER has developed and patented a unique cover for safe and hygienic drinking from cans. By placing the cover on the can, the customer can drink more safely and hygienically, as there is no direct contact with the can and its sharp edges. The product also prevents wasps, bees and other insects from entering the can. It is available in five different colours and its placement doesn’t interfere with the appearance of the drink’s brand.
Setran Plus
Company Setran Plus has developed an interior passive air conditioner AIRTOWER, which cools down a room of up to 10 m2 in size and needs 2W for its use, while lowering the user’s electricity consumption for cooling for more than 90 %. Compared to a classic air conditioner, Airtower needs 1000 times less electricity to function, is completely soundless and simply transferable and mobile. At the same time, it doesn’t need an exterior unit and assembly as well as doesn’t make the air dry.
SmartPA is a big data browser of business contacts in more than 100 countries across the world. Instead of spending a long time searching for business contacts via web browsers, companies can now use to automatically and quickly find business contacts of key staff, which aren’t published in public databases, and see them arranged by industry and country.
Company Allbatron developed the payment system LYRA WALLET for students as well as universities, with which the students can pay student bills by using their computer or mobile phone. The web app also helps computerise the university and makes the job significantly easier for the employees in the higher education system, as the system offers a unified student database with a unified payment system. At the same time, students have a simpler and less expensive way of paying their student bills.
Company HomeOgarden is developing, producing and marketing innovative homeopathic products for organic care of plants and sustainable gardening, as well as other innovative organic products for home and garden. The company’s products are divided into three main groups: Homeopathic Pharmacy for plants, The system of organic fertilizers and substrates Organic selection for plants and First aid against rodents with organic, innovative products for rodent control.
Ljubljana-based company Visionect is the provider of currently the most advanced and market-tested digital e-paper display technology. Company Visionect was founded in 2007 by three young researchers – economist Matej Zalar, informatics expert Luka Birsa and electrical engineer Rok Zalar. They detected a business opportunity in the niche of developing software and hardware for digital e-paper displays. The main development and market trump cards o Visionect are an innovative, market-tested platform that runs interactive wireless digital e-paper displays, and their own products, namely PDAs based on the aforementioned platform. Visionect has established partnerships with leading industry players — E Ink, EPSON, Plastic Logic, STMicroelectronics — result in cutting edge signage technology for traffic and public transportation, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, finance, automation and corporation. Organizations use their platform and hardware for digital traffic signs with dynamic content, outdoor kiosks, interactive shelf signage for retail, smart menus for restaurants, conference room booking, intelligent door signage and wayfinding for events and enterprises.
Koofr is a web and mobile interface for accessing various data storage systems. Its users can store, manage and distribute files using a personal cloud, which is based on their already existing hardware. The software also supports object data storage, which allows the client to build large memory systems, such as those from the biggest global companies, by using run-of-the-mill, affordable hardware. The company is working on the global “Storage-as-a-Service” market, and their key clients are large regional and global providers of internet services, mobile operators, telecoms and system integrators, who use Koofr to offer their users an innovative solution for cloud data storage.
59seconds is working on offering the solution for these major issues, that are unressolved so far and comprises experienced media, startup and tech experts, including highly skilled as well as talented geeks and programmers. Company is based in Austria, which is certainly not the center of the media world, but for fulfilling their mission, they’re convinced that it is the best possible location in the world. It is neutral, stable, tolerant, trustworthy etc. Why it is becoming a major hub between East and West, and why global organizations like IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) or the UN (United Nations) are domiciled, or are having a major site there. 59seconds is shifting the world of news, through its proprietary real-time 360° media platform for content creation, distribution and monetization, to media and news outlets, as well as to content producers (user = producer), providing (live) video, photo, audio or text, and a simple way to make money with appealing content, respectively.
Econob is the leading European natural language processing company. It focuses on the automated processing of digital text information. For processing issues semantic intelligence and machine learning algorithms are used. The concepts for analysing English and German unstructured texts are based on state of the art computational linguistic methods. The quality of their products is characterized by a combination of long-term project experience and impressive benefits for our customers. The variety of possibilities for development inspires their customers with new business ideas. According to IBM, Econob is the technologically most advanced company in Austria. We are very proud to have received this great award.
Airborne Robotics
AIRBORNE ROBOTICS is developing and manufacturing flying robots and drones for professional use. Flying robots are drones used in industrial applications and professional film shoots. They fly pre-programmed routes, saving the pilot a lot of extra work. Drones are delivered worldwide as a complete package, including all the relevant software as well as flight training. The moment one of our customers receives his new AIR6 or AIR8, he can immediately get down to business. The carrier system of an AIR6/8 can accommodate a variety of cameras: Film and photo, thermal imaging cameras, infrared, and diverse measuring sensors for environmental analysis. The system can therefore be adapted to the widest array of applications. Unlike most other drone manufacturers, AIRBORNE ROBOTICS puts great value on open systems and open programming allowing for a large variety of cameras, instruments, and other equipment to go airborne. "Open" means the ability to quickly and easily change devices, the linking of cameras with the copter, and open access to flight controls for developers and business partners (for example, automated and autonomous flight). In this way, partners can implement industrial applications for different purposes on the platform of an AIRBORNE ROBOTICS drone. AIRBORNE ROBOTICS thinks of itself as the provider of a platform technology like the Android or Apple iOS mobile operating systems, on which developers can build their own applications.
Bright Red Systems
BRS – BRIGHT RED SYSTEMS – is an innovative start-up company with focus on research and customized industrial solutions. We are offering products and knowledge in the field of optical metrology and quality management, based on our Wafer Edge Detector. Being supported by Science Park Graz and the Graz University of Technology we are a dynamic company with a team of dedicated engineers which is able to meet our customer’s individual needs as well as being able to deliver our own range of measurement instruments. Company also offers know-how and consulting in the field of optical metrology and quality management.
StrICT Solutions
Strict Solutions offers a software service combination, which assists companies to structure their efficient communication. In every company, there are operations in which several IT systems must be operated. For example, data can be entered manually into various IT systems in a specific order. The software Strict Solutions the required data is entered in only one a single form. Entered information is automatically forwarded to all relevant systems and, if necessary colleagues, superiors or clients and customers are involved. In addition, communication channels are identified, mapped and optimized. This simplified workflow allows companies to save money as much time and subsequently.
Reactive Reality
Transforming vision into (augmented) reality. Driven team by passion for technology and assisted by our experienced partners and advisors, they are striving to develop the future shopping experience.. "Reactive Reality" develops interactive Augmented Reality software. This allows you to place virtual objects in the world. The main focus is in the area of virtual clothing. In the mail order and online sale of clothing every year millions garments are sent back. This causes significant cost to the company. The problem is that customers can not determine if the clothes really fit before buying. To solve these problems, allowing Reactive Reality's innovative technology to customers to try on the clothes before ordering. Based on a photo optimal clothing size is determined and adjusted the requested items. Garments are depicted in the photo. Now before his appointment to see better the buyers if the desired clothes fit and like the technology helps to reduce the level of returns.
HAVEtronic Formwerkstatt
Havetronic is focusing a 3D software development and was established as s TU Graz spin-off. Company provides the creation of web-based 3D configurators for customizable industrial and consumer products as a service for manufacturing companies. With Formwerkstatt configurators, interactive 3D product configuration is a joyful shopping experience - and not a pain. Before customer places an order of purchase, would naturally examine the configured product from all sides. The Have Tronic mould workshop offers manufacturing companies easy to use 3D product configurators. With this solution not only you can color material, but also coustomize a shape of product. The web server is running to a full-controlled parameters 3D-modeling program with which 3D configurators can be implemented to complex Web-based product planning applications much cheaper than ever before. Technically, their USPs are (a) the dynamic generation of 3D shapes from a generative shape description on the server and (b) the direct interactive manipulation of shape parameters in the 3D model displayed by the WebGL enabled browser on the client.
Roofnode is an Internet provider focused on exactly one thing: High-speed Internet access at home. This is done with a new wireless-mesh technology that pushes up to 100Mbps Internet bandwidth to every connected home whether in the center or at the edge of a city. Roofnode is way faster and much more scalable than other wireless Internet access technologies. Their innovative technology solves the problem of dropping speed that normally affects growing wireless mesh-networks. That's simply because Roofnode is able to send data packets targeted from node to node without disturbing the communication of neighbouring nodes. Roofnode is building mesh-networks in suburban and rural areas. Internet is really slow there compared to big cities. They started with pilot networks in USA to mature their technology.