February 2018


VIAR: the Celje startup that convinced global corporations

Can you imagine walking through your apartment, even before it was built? Or maybe get rid of your fear of spiders? Or learn how to work in production before actually starting your work? All this is possible thanks to the Slovenian startup company Viar.


Enter your innovative idea for the Startup Idea Competition!

Do you have an innovative business idea? Science Park Graz Startup Idea Competition is the perfect place to challenge your competitors and prove the jury, that you can make a difference! The best ideas will be awarded a total of 12.000 €! The application deadline is 28 February 2018.


SportyCo: setting out to become the Kickstarter of sports

SportyCo, the first Slovenian startup company sponsoring the Catalan Football Club, is seeking to become the key blockchain technology for financing sports talents around the world.


ICO should be an upgrade to your startup, not an end in itself

When seeing the amounts that companies have raised with help of ICO, many individuals were itching to start a similar story themselves. Especially in Slovenia, it seems that ICO and blockchain are 'all the rage'. Because this field combines financial and legal elements, which the government is trying to regulate, the Venture Factory in Maribor prepared a workshop on how to approach your ICO project. Jan Pečar and Miha Bratina from the IUURI Institute, lawyers who advise startups in their ventures, talked about “Advantages and pitfalls of collecting millions with ICO”. Sooner or later, you encounter a legal or fiscal landmine that causes unwanted complications.


The chubby conductor that makes sure your sheet music is organized

Any musician can confirm, that handling of the paper notations can be a hassle. At the traditional Tuesday entrepreneurship evening talks, Start:up Müsli in KID Kibla, Maribor, the main topic was 'Launch stories'. We were able to listen to the interesting story of the genesis of the idea behind Maestro Amadeus, a portal to keep and categorize your notations without the overflow of paper.


A seven-figure investment for Klagenfurt's Symvaro!

Great news for Carinthian startup Symvaro! The German Diehl-Gruppe is entering the Klagenfurt smart city startup via its VC fund. The German investors are getting 16 percent of the shares for an undisclosed seven-figure amount."We want to be carried away by young companies and grow together," said Mathias Glasmacher of the Diehl-Gruppe.


Paul Potato: Carinthian startup reaches Kickstarter goal in two hours!

The Carinthian startup Gusta Garden is wowing backers with their "potato tower" Paul Potato on Kickstarter. The team obviously set the target at 10.000 EUR a bit too low, since it was reached and passed within two hours.


'Holidays On Wheels' with a crowdfunding campaing to make accessibility visible!

The Carinthian startup 'Holidays On Wheels is the only app in Europe that offers barrier-free holiday and leisure offers, that includes architecture accessibility. They are launching their StartNext Crowdfunding campaign where they are raising funds to further develop their app and include Austrian-wide array of leisure possibilities.


January 2018


NERVteh technology impressed at NAIAS, one of the most influential international car fairs!

NERVteh, one of the most promising Slovenian startups, a recipient of an SK50 investment from the Slovenian Entrepreneurship fund, alumni of the ABC accelerator and a portfolio startup of Zavarovalnica Triglav, received praise from visitors, experts, and potential investors at NAIAS (North American International Auto Show), one of the biggest and most important international car fairs. They also gained strong interest from the representative of the VectoIQ fund, Stephan Girsky, who is a former vice president and board member of the American car giant General Motors.


OriginTrail ICO Raises $22.5 Million to Build Transparency in Supply Chains

OriginTrail, a Slovenian IT company known for its traceability solutions, announced the completion of its Trace token (TRACE) sale, or initial coin offering (ICO), reaching the funding round’s hard cap of $22.5 million. The success of the ICO underscores the demand to make decentralized data exchange available to every organization and enable mass adoption to increase trust and efficiencies within the supply chain on a global scale.


Automotive Vertical Innovation Camp: connect with major suppliers for the automotive industry!

Are you ready to drive innovation in a changing market and boost your own career? The Automotive Vertical Innovation Camp are searching for talents to team up with experts of the leading automotive suppliers in South Tyrol, Italy. With more than 2.500 employees in South Tyrol and 600 million euro revenue per year, the six founding companies of the Automotive Excellence Südtirol network are major suppliers to leading brands in the automotive fields, such as Volkswagen, BMW, Ferrari and Tesla. Applications are open til 15. February 2018, but if you apply early you can increase your chances to be selected!


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12/15/2017 Carinthian e-health startup Sticklett receives six-digit investment! 12/13/2017 OriginTrail admitted to reputable Bits x Bites Acceleration Program in Shanghai 11/15/2017 A student from Udine developed MonuMeet: an app for unique turist experiences 6/29/2017 Digital Transformation of SME’s in Slovenia – Status Quo and Opportunities 6/19/2017 Want to Innovate Like Apple? Come to the free corpo post-PODIM #InvestEU workshop! 6/16/2017 Jernej Mirt, VIAR: »People vote with wallets best.« 6/11/2017 Nejc Škoberne, Genialis: “Work with data represents a large part of research in biology” 6/5/2017 ABC Accelerator is ready for a hyper digital era with a new partnership 5/30/2017 PODIM 2017: Every year better, every year more serious, and every year more! 5/19/2017 Beeping to enter a partnership with the multinational corporation Henkel 5/11/2017 The winner of PODIM Challenge is start-up Genialis! 5/10/2017 Up To Eleven Seeks To Attract Startups From The Alps-Adriatic Region 5/10/2017 Slovenian startup of the year is VIAR! 5/8/2017 To a new rise of Maribor by looking for fresh capital, attracting new investments, and supporting startup companies! 5/8/2017 Investment plan for Europe has already supported more than 3,000 startups! 5/5/2017 Jernej Močnik, Nova KBM: Fintech will mostly affect payment transactions and debit card payments 5/5/2017 Startup Live Trieste: in 54 hours from an idea to a pitch! 5/4/2017 Damjan Slapar, Iskratel: It takes a corporate investor one phone call to solve a problem that would take a startup one month 5/4/2017 We are introducing the finalists for the Slovenian Startup of the Year 5/3/2017 Zoran Miloševič, Zavarovalnica Triglav: Getting real about disruptions in insurance or why publishing the record of an insurance claim paid in 3 seconds is an excellent PR move! 4/28/2017 Suzana Leben, Telekom Slovenije: About erasing borders between industries and infinite possibilities of collaboration with startups brought by 5G, IoT, and connectivity 4/21/2017 Iztok Renčelj, Pošta Slovenije: We are interested in solutions that consider the network of 550 offices, 2,400 postmen and 1,200 vehicles in the field! 4/20/2017 Mateja Lavrič, Kolektor Ventures: There needs to be some chemistry between the investor and the startup; a feeling you can work together and trust each other 4/19/2017 Valter Leban, Kolektor: How can you give meaning to new technologies for smart factories of the future? 4/3/2017 What kind of startups are PODIM Challenge 'corpo' partners? Also, why and how to cooperate with them? 3/28/2017 Pošta Slovenije will answer logistical challenges of the first and last mile in partnership with startups! 3/27/2017 In partnership with startups to bank services of the future! 3/27/2017 Zavarovalnica Triglav also collaborates with startups to ensure innovative solutions for a safer future! 3/26/2017 Telekom Slovenije will collaborate with startups in developing solutions for telecommunications of the future 3/1/2017 We are starting the tenth Start:up Slovenia and announcing the new round of P2, SK75 and SK200 financing! 2/23/2017 Guys from Apple and HoloLens are coming to PODIM this year! 2/22/2017 How much does my word count, what is whose, and who is truly in charge? 2/16/2017 Who joined forces in the CorpoHub and why is this good news for startups? 2/15/2017 New 3D printer of the Pel3o team already exciting new users! 2/7/2017 Start:up Slovenia under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology joined the Visegrad partnership for building a collective regional startup platform 2/1/2017 Iskratel is planning to invest 5,000,000 € into promising startups from the region in the next five years! 1/29/2017 Tibopo – creator of the mDRIVE system and startup of the year 2015 received a Privacy Ambassador award! 1/27/2017 Doctrina Raises €1,020,000 of New Capital 1/16/2017 MedicoApps team impressing pilots across the world! 1/8/2017 The tiniest and thinnest Bluetooth trackers in the world are Chipolo’s new products!
12/20/2016 Smart heating controller accepted into the German accelerator Kraftwerk 12/19/2016 Platform SEOVISOR also available for marketing activities in the US 12/6/2016 Team EqualEyes once again among winners of TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in London! 12/2/2016 Announcing the best startups in Central-Eastern Europe! 11/29/2016 Are you coming to the grand finale of CESA 2016? We are anticipating a resounding Slovenian victory! 11/26/2016 Bootcamp SK75 - how to catch the right perspective of the forest and trees? 11/26/2016 Bootcamp got real with SK200 startups - mostly about the importance of sales, business planning and the difficulty of entering foreign markets! 11/21/2016 We discovered the secret code and unlocked the treasury of rich knowledge and experiences of all SK generations! 11/18/2016 See you at the Slovenian selection for the esteemed Central European Startup Awards 2016! 11/17/2016 ADORA MED earned a silver medal at the esteemed health tech competition in Switzerland! 11/14/2016 Slovenia will be represented by 11 national startup stars at the Central European Startup Awards 2016 Grand Finale! 10/29/2016 High-impact Slovenian innovation KumuluzEE awarded the prestigious Java Oscar 10/15/2016 Business Angels of Slovenia are inviting you to European Venture Summit 2016 and covering some of the costs! 10/14/2016 Visiting Copenhagen with the Austrian Slovenian startup delegation 10/6/2016 Chipolo and their new smart keychain Chipolo Plus once again jumping ahead of the global competition! 9/29/2016 A bridge between Slovenia and the US has been built! 9/28/2016 Business Angel Conference EBAN Winter University 2016 with the pitching competition Zagreb Connect Investment conference Coinvest is joining forces with EBAN Winter University 2016 9/15/2016 HighTech XL Accelerator is looking for Slovenian hardware visionaries 9/15/2016 Nominations for prestigious Central European Awards are open! Nominate your startup heroes and heroines 9/12/2016 Zemanta is celebrating and employing! 9/8/2016 Membership in the European Startup Network and a new overview of the Slovenian startup ecosystem! 9/5/2016 In Brussels we will co-create effective measures for startups on the European level! 8/16/2016 Do you want to work in Chile? Apply for the programme Start-up Chile! 8/7/2016 Construction corporation BOUYGUES wishes to collaborate with future office startups! 8/4/2016 Marko Filej is looking for new team members for growth hacking, sales and marketing of the OnlineGym4me platform 7/25/2016 ABC Accelerator is expanding to Munich and Silicon Valley, then to India next year 6/27/2016 VIAR is going to Seattle and expanding its team! 6/14/2016 Register for Deloitte’s Competition for fastest-growing tech companies in Central Europe 6/13/2016 Invoice Exchange thrilled investors at Wolves Summit and PODIM, will also win at CONDA! 6/10/2016 PODIM = Energy + Networking + Learning + Alpe-Adria 5/12/2016 GoAvio is the Startup of the Year 2016! 5/11/2016 German insurance giant ERGO invested into Eurosender! 4/14/2016 Have you already applied for PODIM Challenge? Hurry up, the deadline is 15 April! 3/29/2016 With 15 % discount to the Romanian Techsylvania! 3/15/2016 Start:up Slovenia competition kick-off and announcement for the P2 grant and SK products of the Slovene Enterprise Fund 2/17/2016 Pioneers500 applications open until 31 March 2016! 2/11/2016 12 recipients of autumn SK investments are known! There are now 45 companies in the SK family, and they’ve received 3.8 million € of capital 2/3/2016 Slovenian Zebra BI amongst most promising apps for data visualization! 1/27/2016 Startups, publish your offer on the new B2B platform of the LAUNCHub accelerator! 1/27/2016 The Swiss will invest into Slovenian startups! 1/7/2016 Slovenian-American startup Reveel successfully closed a 2-million-dollar investment!
12/7/2015 Slovenian victory at TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in London! 12/3/2015 Don't be afraid of crises and watch your money! This is the key advice for SK75 recipients at the end of bootcamp 11/30/2015 Insider tickets for Lean Startup Machine in Graz are sold out! Early bird sales with the price of 150 € have started. 11/21/2015 This year's Coinvest won by startup OOSM, member of Technology Park Ljubljana! 11/13/2015 Open applications for Pioneers500! 11/12/2015 The startup weekend in Udine is inviting mentors from Slovenia to participate! 11/11/2015 Silicon Valley Open Doors is coming to Dublin and inviting to a startup competition! 11/5/2015 Maribor-based startup EqualEyes one of the best Android developers in the world! 11/4/2015 Set the price, go on autopilot and monitor your business as it flies! 10/28/2015 Let's help bring Lean Startup Machine to Graz – step two! 10/20/2015 Investment SK given to 33 innovative startups! Which one has the biggest potential to become a global success story? 10/13/2015 When the European Commission Vice President meets the Slovenian startup community 10/12/2015 Looking for Slovenian unicorns or what can we learn from SK investment seekers? 10/6/2015 Seize the moment, be the change, and start your idea in Slovenia! 10/2/2015 NERVteh, recipient of the SK50 investment, in talks with Google for testing autonomous driving! 9/28/2015 ​We solved an unpleasant paradox and turned the world upside down! 9/22/2015 After swimming in the ocean and a downpour to an investment from Tim Draper and Eleven fund! 9/16/2015 Start:up Sauna coming to Ljubljana again! Looking for the most promising startups in the region 9/14/2015 10 critical mistakes that can cost you your global success! 9/12/2015 ABC HUB formally opened its doors and presented the national Central European Startup Awards 8/24/2015 P&G Challenge or how you can connect with one of the biggest cosmetic multinational companies 8/16/2015 Pioneers Festival looking for the best startups in the Balkans! Applications by 31 August 2015 8/10/2015 Chipolo growing and conquering the world, expanding the team for new development achievements! 7/3/2015 Apply to Deloitte’s competition for the fastest growing companies in Central Europe! 7/2/2015 Adriatic Start-up school – Ecapital culture 2015 7/1/2015 Austrian Business Angel Day and pitch contest – applications until 10 July! 6/23/2015 Tennis star Ana Ivanović became the co-owner of the Slovenian start-up 6/15/2015 Come to start:Cloud ++ showcase pitch and meeting an investor: Voja Lalić from StartLabs 6/11/2015 Investment opportunities for social entrepreneurship at CEE Impact Day 2015 6/10/2015 With ABC accelerator to EXPO 2015 in Milano! Excellent opportunity for pitching to international investors and networking 6/4/2015 Massive action, excitement and success of the PODIM2015 Conference! 4/26/2015 Over 600 participants for the 2nd edition of Techsylvania 2/4/2015 ABC of start-up finance: ensure you have positive cash flow and your administration is taken care of! 2/2/2015 Top 10 pieces of advice for entering markets abroad 1/25/2015 Start-ups, sales are a craft. Your CRM can be in Excel, your final goal is profit! 1/19/2015 Canvas instead of a business plan and building a successful business model 1/16/2015 SmartNinja teaches programming and IT skills to all beginners and individuals willing to learn 1/15/2015 Companies challenge, young people solve! The first entrepreneurial challenges are waiting for young budding entrepreneurs to solve them using “running lean” methodologies 1/12/2015 Established companies: improve your business model and sweep away your competition! 1/8/2015 We are looking for Slovenian winners of Imagine Cup! Application deadline January 30th! 1/6/2015 Start-ups most often fail because they don’t understand the market and don’t segment their users 1/5/2015 Global Impact Competition 2015 applications are open for CEE region